How to Write a Resume

Learn How to Write a Resume

Landing the job of your dreams takes an incredible amount of hard work. Whether it’s enrolling and enduring college courses, passing tests or training seminars, or devoting free time to honing your craft, there are several steps you must take to stand out from the competition. The first step in alerting a potential employer of your desire to join the team is to submit a resume. How to write a resume is a common question asked by those looking to re-enter the workforce and is here to help.

Here, you’ll learn how to write a resume, some resume dos and don’ts, and where you can find helpful resume templates to make the entire process much easier.

How to Write a Resume: Dos and Don’ts

One of the most important things to remember when thinking about how to write a resume is that the document will be one of the first pieces of information a business or company will look at. More often than not, companies won’t even speak to you personally unless a resume has been submitted beforehand. Professionalism, poise and persistence are things to keep in mind when you need to think about how to write a resume.

A sometimes overlooked step when it comes to learning how to write a resume is making sure all of your contact information is up to date. Just one incorrect mailing address, phone number or email address could cost you future correspondence. Especially in today’s digital age, proper and correct contact information is critical.

Another important aspect of learning how to write a resume is to remember to never sell yourself short. You could be competing against dozens or even hundreds of potential candidates for a single position.

What makes you better than the rest? What skills do you possess that makes you the right person for the job? Why would a company be wise to choose you over the rest of the field? What strengths and areas of expertise can you bring to the business? These are questions you want to answer in your resume before you ever meet with someone in person.

While it’s important to highlight your all of your redeeming qualities, it’s also important to be clear and concise. All of your information generally should be no longer than two pages. Anything more and you run the risk of being passed over.

How to Write a Resume: Use Our Complimentary Resume Templates

Here at, we have a wide variety of resume templates that are designed to help you craft the perfect document. Some of the resume templates featured here include:


In addition, we also have a resume cover letter template to add even more professionalism. All of the resume templates available on are free of charge. They can all be downloaded instantly and saved to your computer. Each of the templates can be customized to meet all of your personal needs.

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