Chronological Resume Template

Free Chronological Resume Template

If you are searching for a job, you will quickly realize how important it is to have a resume that clearly displays your experiences in a smart and clean manner. If you have never created a resume before you can begin by using an online template. This easy-to-use Chronological Resume Template can be downloaded right now and will benefit you in creating your perfect resume, helping you land the job you’re looking for!

Creating Your Chronological Resume Template

Before beginning, locate certain information about your previous work experiences. This includes the company name, your job title, and the location of the business. Once you have the information collected, you should organize it by when you were employed. When you enter your information into the Chronological Resume Template, you will place the most recent employment at the top and your earliest work experience at the bottom.

Start using the Chronological Resume Template by writing your Objective. Your Objective should be a career goal or ideal job. List some of the skills you would like to use at your job, and if you have any specific requirements, make note of those. Unless you are looking for a very specific job you do not want to exclude yourself by setting too many expectations. Write this description in the section provided.

Since the template is customizable, you will be able to enter as much information as you would like. Under each job in the Experience section, you should include a brief description of the duties and responsibilities you had at your job. For some, this could be a simple explanation of their job title. For others, you may want to include any important projects you worked on. The goal of these details is to give your new employer an idea of what kind of work you are familiar with.

For the Education section, list the most recent education you have completed at the top. List your school name, and any achievements – such as an honor roll or specific certificates you have been awarded – under each section.

Tips for Using your Chronological Resume Template

  • Use action words and sell yourself! This is your chance to brag as much as you want to about your skills.
  • Never provide false information on your resume.
  • Keep your resume to one page. If needed, cut out information unrelated to the job in which you are interested.


Download: Chronological Resume Template

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