2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

Keeping track of employees can be difficult no matter what size team or business one operates. A 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template can help immensely by allowing managers and shift captain to easily keep track of who is where, and make sure that every employee is fairly allocated vacation time.

Even those who aren’t familiar with Microsoft Excel, this template is straight forward and easy to use. Fully customizable, the template allows anyone to choose a key to better identify absences and their reasons or change the date and time structure to better reflect how a specific business operates.

Advantages Of The 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

  • When using a standard pen and paper calender or ledger book, it is easy to make mistakes and even harder to correct them. Excel documents “roll-up” so any changes made will distribute evenly throughout the spreadsheet.
  • Dates correspond to the actual calender allowing for a natural time sheet progression. The 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template is the latest version.
  • You can add or remove as many employees as you need to.
  • Easy to mark absences, just change the value of the employee’s box on that day or mark ahead.
  • 100% free and easy to download the 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template.

Tips For Using the 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

  • For billing purposes, it is best to be as specific as possible with what kinds of absences employees take. A common practice is to mark sick days, vacation days, and personal days. No one wants to take away an employees vacation day when they want it most.
  • The 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template is fully customizable, change it to suit your business better, or even add other worksheets in to extract more value out of the data.
  • Other absences can exist. When an employee is at a conference or on a business trip— even if they are on the clock it helps to mark them as absent if they aren’t physically present.
  • For those who don’t like to interact with digital media, print out the time sheet and leave it up for employees to mark with pen and paper. At the end of the day update the vacation tracking calendar on the computer. Print out a new schedule and repeat.

Download: 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

Free 2014 Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

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April 2014 Calendar

Looking for a calendar? It can be tough finding exactly what you want if you have strict specifications. This is why you should try a free calendar template online. Calendar templates allow you to make a calendar that is customized exactly for your needs.

For instance, if you wanted to print out an April 2014 calendar, you can do that with a calendar template. If you were to go to the store and just wanted to buy a single month calendar that far out into the future, I doubt you would be able to find anything.

Another reason to use calendar templates is that you can customize them to fit your needs. For example, April 2014 is pretty far away. If you know that it’s going to be a busy month for you, then you could go through all the trouble of finding an April 2014 Calendar and handwriting all the important dates and times you need for that month on it. Or, you could use a calendar template and add all the dates in before you print the calendar off. This will way will save you a lot of time and money.

free april 2014 calendar

Most people think calendar templates are cheap and inexpensive. They are cheap and inexpensive and that is what makes them so unique. If you were to lose a typical calendar or planner that you bought at the store, all your dates and events would be gone forever. With a calendar template this doesn’t happen.

A calendar template means that you can simply print out another calendar if you lose it. This also means that you can hand copies of your calendars to friends and family.

If you are looking for an April 2014 Calendar, consider using a free calendar template and see if it fits your needs.

Download: april-2014-calendar

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2014 Calendar

The use of a calendar can help a person get organized. The 2014 calendar can help you remember upcoming events in the distant future such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even vacations. Now that a free 2014 calendar template can be found online there is no reason not to use it.

Help Staying Organized

The 2014 calendar can help a person stay on top of things and plan out special events. Knowing the exact day a holiday falls on in advance can help a person plan their schedule.

They can plan time off of work and family visits in advance. Since the calendar template is online it can be changed throughout the year as needed. Events can be added and if plans are changed they can be taken away. The calendar can help a person remember all important days when life gets busy.

2014 calendar template

Why Use an Online Calendar Template

There are many advantages to using a calendar template that can be downloaded from the internet. The calendar is free of charge. There is no need to have to purchase one. The calendar template has many different design options as well as a plain template. If something happens to the calendar or if it gets damaged another copy can be printed out right away.

The calendar can also be saved to the computer for future reference as things come up or change. Many people live busy lives and it can be hard to remember all events especially those that may be happening some time away. The online calendar template will help a person remember the important things and be able to plan their schedule accordingly.

Download: 2014-calendar

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Printable PDF 2014 Calendar

When you need to add some organization to your schedule a calendar can help. There are many calendars that can be found for free on the internet. The printable PDF 2014 calendar can help you plan out your year well ahead of time. This calendar is free for everyone to use and you do not have to worry about any copyright regulations. This template is open to use by the public and anyone who needs to use a calendar.

Benefits of Using a Printable PDF 2014 Calendar

When having a calendar for the year 2014 you can properly plan out important events and functions well into the future. This calendar is free for anyone to download onto their computer. The PDF format of the calendar is compatible with most operating systems and web browsers. This type of file is also less likely to contain a virus or to be encrypted by another program. A person can download the printable PDF 2014 calendar without any worries.

Uses for a Printable PDF 2014 Calendar

There are many different ways to use the printable calendar. The calendar can be printer to show one month at a time. This way you can plan out the important events and dates in every month. If you chose the calendar can also be printed out with the entire year on one sheet. This is good for a general overview to see what days of the week that important holidays fall on.

Printable PDF 2014 Calendar

This calendar will show an overview of the year and allow you to find out what days people’s birthdays and special occasions are on so they are not forgotten. With the amount of things most people have to get done each day these events can slip by. The printable calendar can be taken on the go and help you remember all the important dates.

Download: Printable PDF 2014 Calendar

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2014 Calendar Printable

A 2014 Calendar printable template gives you a chance to design a calendar for your home or business. Plan events months in advance with space on the calendar to place notes on things to remember and ideas on things to do. A 2014 calendar printable is available on line to help keep track of the busy dates on your schedule.

Get full weekly landscape planners in printable form or get them for the whole year Calendars can be arranged for double months or lined for notation. There are a variety of templates available to suit your needs.

With a calendar at your immediate access, it is easy to jot down thoughts and move on with your day. Casually decide on dates for meetings, picnics and other activities while doing other jobs. Marking a date on a calendar only takes a moment and a printable can be placed anywhere, fridge, office drawer or bulletin board; you name the place. A calendar is ready to use when you want it.

free 2014 calendar printable

The 2014 Calendar Printable is easy to use with templates for daily activities, weekly and monthly. Calendars are still the most important method of getting through the year. They are decorative and the online template lets you add your idea of design. Online sites available for calendars, offer convenience with a user friendly interface.

Add pictures to your calendar with personal photos, creating a unique design that can only be found on your desk or fridge. Printable calendars also make great gifts for the people you want to keep on your wavelength.

Give everyone in your social sect or family loop a printable calendar you have personalized. Then everyone will have the same important dates and notes you have. This will clear a great deal of confusion during meetings and while planning trips. Use online calendar templates for fun or business and keep appointments and important dates in easy reach.

Download: 2014-calendar-printable

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2014 Photo Calendar

Your calendar should be personal and say something unique about you. It marks the events and special times that really matter to your family. Don’t settle for a generic calendar this year. Easy-to-use Microsoft Office 2014 Photo Calendar templates give you the power to create your own special calendar with images and photographs of all the people and things you love best.

Free photo calendar templates are also useful and inexpensive ways to promote your business, group or organization. It’s easy to create calendar pages with text and photos that share your message and get people involved in your cause. Give away a calendar made with the photo calendar template and every time someone looks at it, your business, your message is what they’ll see.

How to Use the 2014 Photo Calendar Word Document

  • Download the free, customizable 2014 Photo Calendar template. Open your version of Microsoft Word and click the menu button at the top of the page.
  • Select new and from the pop-up menu. This will display the available calendar templates for you to choose. Click on the 2014 Photo Calendar template to open it.
  • The template is divided into Master Pages for the months of the year. Click on the images and individual cells of the page to customize them according to your tastes. You can easily replace the stock image with your own photographs or graphics.
  • Insert text into individual cells to indicate special events, birthdays or holidays. Here is where you can also insert small images, modify the size of the cells and use custom fonts to get the look and functionality you want.

Tips for Using the 2014 Photo Calendar Word Document

  • You can easily change each master page of the free photo calendar template until you are satisfied with the look and feel of it. Click save and save it to a folder on your computer.
  • Now your finished calendar is ready to print at home or by a professional printer to have multiple copies made for gifts or giveaways. Save a copy as a PDF file if you plan on getting copies made by a print service.

Download the free 2014 Photo Calendar Word Document today to put your own mark on 2014.

Free 2014 Photo Calendar

Download: 2014 Photo Calendar

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2013-2014 Academic Calendar Template

Teaching is a lot of work; you have to grade papers, broaden minds and stick to a schedule of topics to teach. It can get stressful, but to help with that stress you can use our 2013-2014 academic calendar template. You can use this template to schedule your lessons, assignments, due dates and plan the entire year.

How to Use the Academic Calendar Template

This calendar template can easily help you plan the entire 2013-14 school year out.

  1. Fill out the major event for the academic year: midterms, holiday breaks, finals, report cards, professional development days, etc.
  2. Look at the calendar, plan how for in the curriculum to get each month. It is easiest to go from broad to narrow. After each month, divide into weeks.
  3. According to the curriculum, plan out large assignments: papers, projects and tests. Write out the due dates one the calendar.
  4. Continuously reference this document and make adjustments throughout the year.

Why is a 2013-2014 Academic Calendar Template Helpful?

You have so much to teach your students in a year. You have to plan and prepare a schedule is you want to really impact and teach your students. The academic calendar template is a great tool to help organize your plans and lessons. On one document you can have the entire year planned out.

2014 Academic Calendar Template

Plans do not always work; the great thing about this template is that you can adjust it according to your needs. Once you set a plan, it is not final. If you students do not understand concepts of World War II, you can adjust the schedule to spend more time on it.

The best way to handle stress is to organize. As a teacher, you have to have a certain amount of material to cover each year. This calendar can help you organize that material so you know you get your job done properly. This template, along with hundreds of other templates, calculators, spreadsheets and other helpful tools on this site, is completely complimentary.

Download: 2013-2014 Academic Calendar Template

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2014 World Cup

Brazil will be the host nation for the 2014 World Cup this summer. The largest international football tournament in the world will begin on June 12th and will conclude when a champion is crowned at the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup Final on July 13th.

A total of 32 nations reached the final eight groups that make up the 2014 World Cup draw. You can see all the groupings with a complimentary 2014 World Cup sheet. You can download and print the World Cup 2014 draw sheet absolutely free by clicking the link located on this page.

Facts about the 2014 World Cup

The 20th installment of the World Cup will be returning to South America for the first time since 1978. This year, Brazil will become only the fifth country to have hosted the international soccer extravaganza two times.

2014 World Cup draw

Brazil has had more success in the tournament than any other nation in World Cup history. Brazil enters the 2014 World Cup with a record five title. The Brazilians have also finished as runner up on two previous occasions, and have placed third two additional times. Brazil is also the only country to have qualified for all of the World Cup events.

Italy ranks second on the all-time list with four titles, while Germany sits alone in third place with three. Argentina and Uruguay have picked up two titles apiece. The United States has had nearly no success in previous tournaments. The Americans enter the 2014 World Cup with just one top-4 finish, which came all the way back in 1930.

The defending champion entering the 2014 World Cup is Spain, which notched a 1-0 win over the Netherlands in the last tournament in 2010. Over 3.1-million fans attended the 64 matches in 2010. The average attendance for each match was just under 50,000 fans.

Download: 2014 World Cup Draw

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College Football Bowl Schedule

The regular season is in the books and the college football bowl season is here. This year’s college football bowl schedule opens up with four games on Saturday, December 21st. The final affair on the college football bowl schedule is the BCS National Championship Game on Monday, January 6th.

You can track all the action with the full college football bowl schedule. This year’s bowl schedule can be downloaded instantly and printed for free. Simply click on the link available on this page to get the college football bowl schedule today!

Big Games on the College Football Bowl Schedule

The 2013-14 college football bowl schedule features a total of 35 games. The slate opens up with Washington State clashing with Colorado State on the 21st. Later in the day, the USC Trojans will lock horns with the Fresno State Bulldogs in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Free College Football Bowl Schedule

There’s only one game on the college football bowl schedule on Christmas Eve, as the Boise State Broncos will battle the Oregon State Beavers in the Hawaii Bowl. The bowl season continues the day after Christmas, as Pitt will meet Bowling Green in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, while Utah State will square off with Northern Illinois in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Four games will be played on New Year’s Eve, with the headliner being Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M taking on Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The game will likely be the last of Manziel’s college career.

The college football bowl schedule features six games on New Year’s Day. The BCS schedule also begins on the 1st when Michigan State and Stanford hook up in the 100th installment of the Rose Bowl. In the evening, Big 12 champion Baylor will collide with UCF.

In other BCS bowls, Alabama will face Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl on the 2nd, while Clemson will go against Ohio State in the Orange Bowl on the 3rd.

In the main event of the 2013-14 college bowl schedule, undefeated Florida State will face Auburn in the final BCS National Championship game.

Download: College Football Bowl Schedule

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Inventory Control Spreadsheet

A business just starting out may not have all of capital needed for expensive software. If you are in a business where you sell inventory, it is important to keep control of your parts. You can always start with something simple, like this Inventory Control Spreadsheet. An inventory control spreadsheet is vital for a business because it is a recorded history of products purchased. To keep an accurate record, this should be updated daily for your entire inventory.

How to Use the Inventory Control Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is easy to use. It’s a simple spreadsheet with no complicated formulas. Once you’ve downloaded this spreadsheet from here, you are free to customize it for your business needs. You will appreciate how this can meet your needs and can save your company money because it’s free.

  • Once you have opened the spreadsheet, enter the name of the item in cell E6. Next, enter your item number in cell K6. Finally, you will enter on this row your sheet number. Notice, the Carried To Next Sheet number will update automatically at the bottom of the spreadsheet, as the number to carry over. Now save the spreadsheet with something you can easily identify, perhaps just the item name and item number.
  • In cell M10, input your beginning balance inventory count. It is important to note, you must start entering your inventory information on row 11.
  • Now you are ready to use your inventory control spreadsheet. At this point, if you prefer to print it, you may do so. You may also just use it electronically.
  • You have three sections: Ordered, Received, and Sold. In the parts ordered section, enter the Date you ordered the item, the order number, the vendor you ordered the part from, and the quantity ordered.
  • Next, in the received section, enter when you received the item, how many you received, how many are on backorder with the vendor, and its due date.
  • Your final column, Sold, indicates when you sold the item, the order number, how many were sold, and your beginning balance of inventory items from the original order date. There is also a section for comments if needed. Your balance of inventory in stock is automatically updated.

Tips for Using the Inventory Control Spreadsheet

Once you have completed your first sheet, you may right click the tab name, select move or copy, and check the box “Create a Copy” and “Move to End”. Clear the data in the new spreadsheet and update your inventory number from the prior sheet’s carry over cell into the balance forward cell.

Free inventory control spreadsheet

The Inventory Control Spreadsheet found here is a great inventory control sheet for beginners to use or to help start-ups and small businesses.

Download: Inventory Control Spreadsheet

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Expense Report Forms Free

As any CEO, entrepreneur or business capitalist will tell you, keeping track of your expenditures is key for profitability. Although a few added expenses here or there might seem insignificant in the grander scheme, in reality, the smaller costs tend to add up. Company retreats, insurance fees and certain supplies will soak up a great deal of expenses in a business environment. And in many cases, this depletion can occur as business owners are completely unaware. But with the Expense Report Forms Free from ExcelTemplates.net, business owners can effectively manage and monitor every single expense sitting beneath their business model, and from an easy-to-manipulate, easy-to-assess vehicle.

Using the Expense Report Forms Free to Manage Your Financial Flow

Although the Expense Report Forms Free allows business owners the ability to monitor their expenses from a pre-constructed spreadsheet, the form is completely interchangeable, capable of relaying a number of varying expenses.

The Expense Report Forms free is based off a series of individual monthly assessments, combined to an overarching, yearly expense total. Business owners will certainly enjoy the ability of completely full-scale, individualized financial assessments, and from all sectors of their business.

Expense Report Forms Free screenshot

And what’s more, the Expense Report Forms free can be utilized by a number of managerial and supervising employees inside your business, as Excel spreadsheets can be modified and transported with a few short clicks of a mouse.

Tips for Using the Expense Report Forms Free

  • Categorize your business expenses as either ‘fixed’ or ‘variable’. Fixed expenses will consist of the costs you can’t change, like rent and utilities. Variable expenses are defined as those costs you could do without (although you may not want to, necessarily).
  • Always be searching for ways to trim your variable expenses. A few small cuts in various sectors of your business can prove fruitful for your monthly budget report.
  • Be sure to identify potential problems quick. If there’s an expense that’s slowly chewing away at your financial report, look for ways to alleviate it without haste. You don’t want to find yourself in a financial pit later down the road.

Download: Expense Report Forms Free

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Desktop Project Management

Keeping multiple projects in order can be time consuming and sometimes confusing. The information can get mixed up and lead to projects not being completed on time, or even forgotten all together. The key to keeping projects in order is a desktop project management template. Although it may seem confusing at first, the desktop project management template is simple and straightforward with the information needed to keep projects organized.

One of the major benefits of this desktop project management template is the fact that it is free, yes, something so useful is free. Adjustments can be made to the desktop project management template to make it fit the needs of each company and project. While the basic information of project and tasks are included on the template, spaces can be added to show the progress of the project and tasks can be marked off.

Projects of all sorts can be organized on this template, anything from building houses or offices to designing cars or phones. The template is straightforward and easy-to-use, to give it a try, it can be downloaded right here.

Screenshot of the Desktop Project Management Template

Using the Desktop Project Management Template

To get started with the set up of the desktop project management template, write in the project name and project description as well as the time frame to complete the project. The project itself can then be broken down into the small tasks that need to be accomplished in order to complete the overall project.

The tasks can be assigned a level according to importance, for example, a level one task would be something that is priority, such as the design and function of the project where as a level two task would relate to marketing, something that would assist the project but not directly affect it.

Once the tasks have been filled in according to level of importance, they can be assigned to different individuals to make sure the tasks get completed. Along with who the task is given to, a start date and finish date can also be provided to ensure that all tasks will get completed and the whole project will be finished by the deadline.

While these are the basic functions of the desktop project management template, more information can be added to it to fulfill the needs and wants of any company.

Download: Desktop Project Management Template

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Profit and Loss Template

The two most essential pieces of a successful business are profit and loss; if both of them are not tracked and managed constantly a business absolutely cannot be successful. Obviously a company wants to maximize profits in any way possible while also minimizing loss, but unless it is tracked properly nobody can do anything about it. That is exactly why the profit and loss template for Excel is a popular and powerful tool. The template is probably the best way to track both profit and loss and it really is a great addition to any business.

Unlike many of the popular and powerful management tools out there, this profit and loss template is absolutely free to download and free to use. The template was created so that it could be quickly and easily modified or changed in any way you need to make it fit your business and it is absolutely the best tracking tool out there right now.

Downloading and setting up the profit and loss template is as easy as opening up an Excel file and in a matter of seconds you will be ready to get to work.

Screenshot of the Profit and Loss Template

Using the Profit and Loss Template

Using the profit and loss template is just as easy as setting it up. Simply start inputting various bits of information regarding sales, expenses, or other costs, and the template will begin to track everything you put in. Each of the categories that are available in the template is customizable so change them as you need to make them fit your business.

Once you have everything input into the template you will see a final calculated value for net profit or loss, it is as easy as that. Keeping the template updated with current information will make it easy to see what is happening at your company and since the template is so easy to use it’ll always be up to date.

No other profit and loss tracking system is as simple to use, simple to setup, or as cheap to obtain as this profit and loss template so why not give it a try today and see what your business could improve?

Download: Profit and Loss Template

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Balance Sheet Template

Keeping a balanced budget is crucial to saving money, but it can be quite difficult if there are lots of sources of income and expenses to keep track of. This balance sheet template was created specifically to make things a little bit easier because once you put in all of the necessary information you will immediately see if your budget is balanced or not. It really is a lot simpler than trying to create a calculator from scratch for this type of work.

Not only is this balance sheet template easy to use, it is also entirely free as well. The entire thing takes only a few clicks to get setup and once things are ready to go it will take no time at all to actually start working on your actual budget amounts.

The balance sheet template really is the easiest budget balancing system available and as long as you have Microsoft Excel it is completely free to use for as long as you need it.

Screenshot of the Balance Sheet Template

Using the Balance Sheet Template

Using the balance sheet takes only a few simple bits of work. Begin by opening up the template and you should immediately see two columns, one for assets and the other for liabilities. Basically all you have to do to balance your budget is input all of the assets and liabilities you are responsible for and the template will automatically calculate everything for you. Additional categories can be quickly and easily added to the spreadsheet and Excel will automatically include the new values in the calculations as well.

If you want to make sure your budget is completely balanced then a tool like this balance sheet template is absolutely a necessity. It only takes a few seconds to setup and a few minutes to have it calculate everything for you, so why not try it out. It is definitely a lot faster than trying to manually create a calculator to do all of this for you and more importantly it is free to download. If you want to balance your budget then this balance sheet template is the absolute best tool available to get the job done right now.

Download: Balance Sheet Template

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Depreciation Schedule Template

For business owners, being able to track the depreciation of their capitol assents is important to remaining up-to-date on the business’ financial value. One of easiest ways to track your business assets is to use the depreciation schedule template in Microsoft Excel.

By using the depreciation schedule template, business owners can track their assets as well as the corresponding depreciation through the year within a simple and easy to use spreadsheet. With the deprecation template, tracking asset depreciation and value is made much easier. The depreciation schedule template is free to download, easy to use and completely customizable.

With this depreciation schedule template, businesses are able to create asset specific columns based on whatever criteria that is deemed necessary for tracking and recording the assets. Whatever columns a business owner or financial officer wishes to make can easily be done with this free template. Once downloaded, the template allows even the most inexperienced business owner to track their assets as simply and easily as possible.

Screenshot of the Depreciation Schedule Template

Using the Depreciation Schedule Template

When first using the template, it is important for a business owner to take the time to label specific columns for each specific asset. Labeling each asset correctly is important to avoid confusion, therefore it should be done immediately.

To use the columns already setup within the template, simply click the example text and type over it with whatever text you desire. Columns can easily be added and subtracted by right clicking whatever column desired and selecting add or delete within the drop down menu. The template allows for as many or as few columns as a business owner deems necessary.

Once the columns are setup according to the specific needs of your business, you can fill in the values of each asset as needed. To add or subtract text within a particular cell, simply double click the desired cell and begin typing the values and depreciation amounts needed for your business.

Finally, once the template is setup as you like it, you can begin adding all your assets as well as their purchase price and value, their current estimated value and finally the retired value of the assets should the business decide to permanently retire or salvage that asset. Additionally, if you choose to, you can also add the value in years the asset has left. This feature is specifically useful for cars and other such assets that depreciate heavily with each passing year.

The depreciation schedule template is an effective and easy way to help business owners keep a working long term depreciation schedule for their assets. The spreadsheet should be updated after an asset is acquired, sold or retired to ensure accurate record keeping within the spreadsheet.

Download: Depreciation Schedule Template

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Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

Doing taxes is not usually a fun or enjoyable proposition for anyone. For most, any type of tool to make the tax preparation process a little easier is most welcome. An Excel tax return workpapers preparation template can help make the process of doing taxes a little less painful. In addition, the template is available for instant download and is 100% complimentary.

Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

The top of the year-end tax plan template has spaced reserved for your name or the name of the person you are preparing the worksheet for. There is also a space to mark down the date the worksheet has been prepared.

The tax plan template is broken down into three major categories:

Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

  • Gross Income
  • Adjustments to Gross Income
  • Allowable Itemized Deductions


Within each of the major categories is a checklist of sub-categories. For example, within the Gross Income category are the sub-categories taxable wages/salaries, taxable dividends and interest, net business income (loss), net capital gain (loss), net rent income (loss), net partnership income (allowable loss), and other income (loss). You will input financial figures within each sub-category to determine your adjusted gross income.

For Adjustments to Gross Income, the sub-categories are alimony paid, IRA payments, Keogh plan payments, other adjustments, total adjustments. There are over 15 sub-categories in the Allowable Itemized Deductions section, including medical, taxes, mortgage interest paid, charitable contributions, casualty and theft losses and unreimbursed moving expenses.

The template will automatically calculate the financial figures once the information has been put in. These figures should make filling out the proper tax forms quicker and easier than ever before. The worksheet is also printable, so you can keep a copy in a safe place along with the copy you save on the computer.

The Excel tax return workpapers preparation template is just one of items available on this site to help you with your taxes. There are also a variety of tax calculators and spreadsheets aimed at helping you get through the tax process quickly and efficiently.

Download: Excel Tax Return Workpapers Preparation Template

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Inventory List Template for Excel

The inventory list is a very useful template that can help people keep track of what they have. It is absolutely free to download and provides a simple way to improve organization, as well as ensure that there will always be enough of any type of product on hand at a given time. When used properly, the inventory list template is a valuable tool.

Advantages of Having the Inventory List Template

It is beneficial for everyone to download this free Excel template, because it is an easy way to keep track of all types of inventory. The template can be used to list anything, such as store goods or even household items. The list is clearly organized and can be printed out, saved and updated at any time.

Free Printable Inventory Count Sheets

Download: Inventory-list

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Proforma Income Statement

Projecting future income can be done in a pro forma income statement template. This template statement is a useful tool for planning future business operations.  The idea behind this income statement template for Excel allows business owners to account for a potential drop-off in profits and any areas of their business that may need to be adjusted accordingly. The information provided in this template is fundamental to operating a business smoothly. You can download this pro forma income calculator right here for free.

Proforma Income Statement

The statement is one of four pivotal financial statements that are crucial to operating any business. The template for income is meant for tracking business expenses including revenue earned any costs or expenses associated with the earned revenue. In a typical template, the bottom line shows a company’s net income or net losses. This is the amount the company actually earned or lost during the specified time period, usually one fiscal year. A well-designed income statement template will clearly depict net income and all other relevant fields.

The income statement template provided here has a clean and simple design. This template for income statement lists revenue, cost of sales, operating expenses and net income in clear order. Appropriate sub-categories are already provided in the income statement template. For example, revenue is broken down into gross sales less sales returns and allowances and accounts for net sales in the template for income statement. Important fields are highlighted in gray in this statement template. This template is customizable according to your business needs.

This income statement template is originally created by Jaxworks. Other income statement examples and free Excel templates are available in our vast library of Excel templates. You can download this income statement template for free or view other free income statement examples on our website.

Download Proforma Income Statement

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Master Production Schedule

This Master Production Schedule (MPS) is a company plan for production, ordering and managing inventory. Most often used by manufacturing companies, the master production schedule indicates when and how much of each product is demanded. Since a master production schedule drives much of the factory activity, its quality dramatically affects a factory’s profitability. Utilizing a simple production schedule template or planning schedule template in Excel can help you easily and effectively manage these processes.

Using the Master Production Schedule

A production schedule template is a vital tool to implementing a business plan. A production schedule template is what you will use to manage your master production schedule. The master production schedule is considered the head of all schedules and provides managers with all the information needed to plan and control manufacturing operations. It can help avoid inefficient use of resources, shortages, scheduling issues and other costs.

A complete production schedule template will have inputs that reflect forecast demand, production and inventory costs, supply, etc., as well as outputs such as the amount to be produced, quantities available, projected available balance, etc.

Screenshot of the Master Production Schedule

We have provided you with a free downloadable master production schedule, production schedule template and planning schedule template. Example values are conveniently inputted in the production schedule template to demonstrate how a master production schedule works. You can adjust the values in this Excel schedule template as you wish. The first worksheet in this production schedule template shows the structure of a master production schedule and how forecasting is accounted for.

In addition to this free production schedule template, we offer other useful Excel schedule template and planning schedule template files from our library. Browse the different categories of Excel templates in our website to find more useful Excel templates. You can download our production schedule template right here for free.

Download: Master Production Schedule (more…)

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Social Return on Investment


This social return on investment calculator is a great solution for thinking outside of the typical realm of ROI. Are you interested in learning more about the social impact of your product or service? This social return on investment calculator will help give you a better idea of how well you serve society.

For instance, conventional financial reports leave out a lot of data. While an ROI may look great from a financial standpoint, the social return on investment will help businesses understand if they also provide a quality social service.

Factors to Consider in Social Return on Investment

•    Environmental Impact of Product/Service/Campaign
•    Social Value of Proposition
•    Social Return on Investment Combined with Conventional ROI

Use this respected model easily and instantly by downloading this social return on investment template. There’s no easier way to efficiently calculate the social ROI in an inexpensive and accurate way. Some companies spend millions of dollars studying the social return on investment and the most respected and effective template is right here at your fingertips.

Download this social return on investment template today to get started. It’s one of the most socially responsible templates we have and you can take advantage of this great calculator for free. If you find this template useful, please don’t hesitate to share this social return template with your friends!

We always try to offer a diverse selection of templates and calculators and put them up for a free download whenever possible. Share the social return on investment wealth by sharing this page!

 Download Social Return on Investment


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Salary Slip

One of the most helpful templates available is one that deals with payroll. When it comes to payroll templates, one of the best is salary slip. With salary slip, you will have a template that gives out detailed information about employees and their pay schedule. With a salary slip template, you will get to see a sample salary slip which can allow you to educate yourself on how to record payroll on Microsoft Excel. By using a free salary slip template, you will have a good example to go by and make sure that you are recording payroll properly and efficiently.

Using a Salary Slip in the Professional World

When it comes to using the slip, you will get to check out and follow a template on how to put your payroll records together. The template and sample salary slip will help a business owner and accounting professional have a good tool to use when looking to make sure that payroll records are made properly. By using a slip, a company will have proper guidance due to the quality slip template and documents.

Customize Your Salary Slip Template

On the sample salary slip and salary slip template there will be lots of information being stored. One of the parts of a slip template is the employee name. This will help identify each employee and know who to record salaries for. With the slip, a person will also be able to check out the salary and also the tax withholding’s. This information is how much the person makes and also how much they pay in taxes per pay period. There will also be records of investment and benefit plans on the templates so you will know how record transactions for people who have these.

Salary Slip Template

Download: Salary Slip

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Compensation Calculator


Your paycheck is important, but it is really just part of the total compensation you get from your employer. Other forms of compensation, like health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, or 401(k) contributions, also make a big difference. If you want to know what your employment compensation really is, take a look at this compensation calculator.

Our compensation calculator provides a simple way to find out how much your total compensation really is. Simply input your hourly rate, and this compensation calculator will figure out how much your yearly salary is, and how much your additional compensation is. By adding these numbers together, the compensation calculator will come up with your total compensation amount, so you can have a better understanding of how much you truly receive every year from your employer. The amount might surprise you!

This compensation calculator is based on average values for overall pay and benefits, so it might not be accurate in every situation. However, it will help you understand approximately how much your total compensation is, counting all of the benefits you receive outside of your paycheck.

If you want to investigate how much your employer really “pays” you, download this compensation calculator and give it a try. For lots of other business and financial calculators and charts, look around the rest of our site. We have many other great templates that will help you understand your finances.


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Gantt Chart Excel


Now regarded as a common charting technique, Gantt charts were considered revolutionary when they were first introduced by Henry Gantt. The basis of a Gantt chart is to illustrate a project schedule using bar graphs that cover the entire time period of a project. Gantt charts illustrate start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Many professionals use Gantt in Excel in their business operations. You can use Gantt in Excel to manage project timelines with this free Gantt chart Excel template. Download this Gantt chart Excel template right here for free.

gantt chart excell template

Using the Gantt Chart Excel Template

This example Gantt chart lets you prioritize your tasks, delegate tasks to different workers, assign start and finish dates, and track their progress over a weekly periods. This Gantt in Excel was designed to be easy and simple to use. You can use this Gantt chart template to manage a project schedule with five, six or seven working days and present day and holiday color choices as markers inside the Gantt chart bar table.

This Gantt chart is free to download. Be sure to browse our library of free Excel templates for more Gantt charts and other useful business Excel templates. See the related templates below for other Excel Gantt charts and a Gantt chart worksheet.

Download Gantt Chart

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Credit Card Payoff Calculator


Paying off your debt is an important step to financial independence. But if you have a lot of different credit cards and other debts, it can be hard to know where to start. This credit card payoff calculator will help you figure out how long it will take you to pay off your debt using the snowball method.

The snowball method means that you pay off your credit card with the highest interest rate first, instead of making large payments to several cards at once. This credit card payoff calculator shows you how much money you will save over time by using the snowball method.

Use the credit card payoff calculator as a way to track your progress as you pay off your credit cards. It will help you see how much you still have to pay on each card and tell you which card to make the largest payment on. Simply set up this credit card payoff calculator by entering information about your credit cards, their balances, and their interest rates. The spreadsheet will calculate your credit card payments and give you a timeline for being debt-free.

The snowball technique is a simple way to get out of debt as soon as possible, and our credit card payoff calculator can help you make that happen. If you’re tired of being in debt and accruing more interest on your credit card balances, take control of your financial life. Download this credit card payoff calculator today and start paying down your credit cards.


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Weight Loss Journal

This Excel template for tracking weight loss has a simple input which allows you to see progress over time. Studies have shown that the more a dieter tracks progress, including tracking weight changes, calorie intake, and exercise, the better the weight loss is likely to be. This weight loss journal template includes date, weight, change since last measurement, and comments. The weight loss journal is instantly downloadable and completely complimentary.

Using Comments on the Weight Loss Journal

The comments section is helpful for noting why weight is up or down on a particular day, or changes made to diet at that date. Using the comments section, you can see whether lifestyle changes resulted in a steady weight loss over time.

Weight Loss Journal Template

For example, if you decide to cut something out of a diet, such as carbohydrates, the comments section of the weight loss Excel sheet will document how well that worked and for how long. Another example: when starting a new exercise regime it is common for weight loss to stall for a week. Adding a note about changes to exercise routine is useful for deciding whether the new routine is working, and for reminding yourself of expected jumps and dips in the numbers.

Graphing Weight Loss in Excel

The simple setup of the weight loss journal makes it easy to graph weight loss over time. In most versions of Microsoft Excel, the graph feature is very easy to use. You simply create a graph, and set weight as the Y-axis and date as the X-axis.

The Microsoft Excel programs can recognize that dates are being used, and will give graphs with X-axis displaying months or years. It is also possible to graph the change values over time. This will let the user see when weight sped up or slowed down, and match to comments about lifestyle changes at those times.


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Bill Payment Schedule


In an era with online banking and new technologies every day to help us stay organized it is still easy to lose track of which bills you have paid. Especially for those who do it the ‘old fashioned’ way and mail in paper checks every month to pay your bills it can be difficult to remember who you have paid already.

Microsoft Excel has a great program for tracking which bills you have paid. The bill payment schedule tracker not only allows you to remember which bills you have paid, but also allows you to budget accordingly by seeing all your bills listed in one place.

Use the bill payment schedule to track your bills:

The best feature of the bill payment schedule template is to track which bills you have paid. These days banks have no mercy when there are late payments or overdrafts. You can be hit with late fees, overdraft fees or even worse, higher interest rates! For most, missing bills is not due to the inability to pay, but due to losing track of bills because we are all so busy! This software will help eliminate that problem.

Help yourself budget with the bill tracker:

Most of us don’t even realize how much money we spend on a monthly basis. Sometimes lining up all of our bills and seeing the monthly total can be a big scary. This bill tracker will allow you to see which bills are important and which ones you can do without. Sometimes you just need to see how much money you are really spending in order to make the necessary cutbacks.

The bill payment schedule is a great tool for getting finances in order. It is a free tool used through Microsoft Excel. Download today to get your finances in order and to make sure you are not wasting any more money on late fees and overdraft charges!


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Income Statement

Concerning Income Statements

It’s hard enough to gather information in order to create and maintain an income statement, let alone to research what are included in it. With all the sections included, it is very easy to leave a few to some sections off, and that could be very crucial.

There are several main headings and sub-headings which makes these financial statements very detailed, so it is imperative to get some serious help with this financial statement, especially being a business owner. That is where these excel templates come into play.

Income Statement

Excel Templates

Provided are some excel templates for your business. The website, http://exceltemplates.net/financial/income-statement/income-statement/, gives a template for your income statement. This will save you the time and money it would take to research or hire someone to handle your financial statements. That saved time, in turn, could be used for executing more productivity in your business.

This free excel template goes into detail of all the expenses, income, taxes, etc. There are several categories and sections that go into areas such as revenue, cost of goods sold, gain or loss, gross profit, net income, etc. However, this excel template serves as an outline for you.

It’s very easy to obtain this excel template. All you have to do is download the template. In the website, just click on the word “download” on the left side of the screen, and there you have it. Now, you are ready to fill out your statement.

You’ll have nothing to lose, and everything to gain with this system. These templates are free, and save you tons of time as it is already laid out for you. All you have to do is to log in your information into the appropriate areas. Also, it is easily customary for your needs.


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Simple Retirement Planner Spreadsheet


Many forget that they need to constantly be thinking about their retirement if they hope to be able to actually retire the way they want to. A simple retirement planner spreadsheet can do a lot of good towards getting them to their eventual goals. The retirement worksheet can be downloaded instantly at absolutely no charge on this page.

Using the Simple Retirement Planner Spreadsheet

The simple retirement planner spreadsheet is a Microsoft Excel program that allows you to project into the future the type of savings you will need to do in order to get to the point where they want to be. In other words, it is a spreadsheet that will help you to make the decisions you need to make in the present to impact your future.

The first section of the planner is titled “Collect Personal Information.” The first step in filling out the Excel retirement planner is to add your current age followed by your desired retirement age. Next, add your desired retirement income followed by how many years you plan on being retired.

The next section is titled “Describe Investments.” Here is where you will input the annual return on investment, the expected annual inflation rate, your current retirement savings amount and your expected social security and pension amount.

The final section in the simple retirement planner spreadsheet is titled “Retirement Planner Calculation Results.” This section will reveal financial figures based on the numbers you placed in the first two sections. Here, who will see what your required income from savings, the amount required for a retirement nest egg and how much annual retirement savings will be required.

While many believe the best part about this Excel simple retirement planner worksheet is that it’s absolutely free, it also includes step-by-step directions. The worksheet is perfect for anyone currently in the workforce, no matter your age, income, location or walk of life. Download the simple retirement planner spreadsheet today and take the first step towards a stable financial future.



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General Ledger

Looking for a better and easier way to track of all your necessary expenses? Keeping track of expenses can quickly be simplified when you use an Excel accounting template such as this general ledger template or an account ledger template. The general ledger template is a prime example of an extremely helpful Microsoft Excel accounting template. All accounting incidents can be tracked in a general ledger template.

With every business needing a general ledger to keep track of day-to-day account activity, having a ledger template to keep the ball rolling can come in handy. Small businesses, freelancers and people who work from home can also benefit from using a ledger template. We encourage you to download our free general ledger template and start keeping track of your accounts today.


Using the General Ledger Template

When it comes to accounting, staying organized is extremely important. That’s why we created this template to help you stay neat and tidy with your financial transactions. Using an Excel accounting template is especially convenient for inputting financial data. The template for Excel we created is simple and straightforward, with areas to easily enter date, description and balance information. You can input all of your financial data directly into the general ledger template or print the general ledger template and manually keep track of your financial data.

You can download the ledger template for Microsoft Excel that is spotlighted on this page for free. This Microsoft accounting template is compatible with Excel templates for Mac or Windows. In addition to the general ledger template, our website provides dozens of other accounting Excel templates to help you manage your financial transactions. Be sure to check out all of the free Excel templates and other useful Excel accounting templates in our library.


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March Madness Bracket

For a sports fan, few times of the year are more exciting than March. For one month each spring, the sports landscape is dominated by college basketball.

Millions of Americans feel the “Madness” and fill out a March Madness bracket. This prognostication process is made much easier with a free printable bracket sheet.

Note: The subject matter published on this page is for entertainment purposes only.

march madness bracket template

History of the March Madness Bracket

The March Madness tournament as we know it today was far different in its infancy. When the NCAA Division One men’s basketball tournament began in 1939, the field consisted of only eight teams. The field expanded to 16 teams in 1951, and grew several more times before expanding to 64 in 1985. Today, 68 teams enter the “Big Dance.”

UCLA has run through the March Madness bracket more times than any other school. The Bruins have won an NCAA-best 11 national championships. Kentucky has captured eight national crowns, while Indiana and North Carolina have collected five national titles apiece.

Filling out a March Madness Bracket

Filling out tournament bracket sheets in March is a yearly ritual for men and women in the United States. People from all backgrounds attempt to pick the winners for all 67 games for bragging rights or other forms of prizes.

The ritual isn’t just reserved for hoops fanatics or office pool players. President Barack Obama has filled out a tournament bracket every year since taking office. Celebrities often appear on television and radio programs to offer their opinions.

Even the most ardent and enthusiastic college basketball fan can expect to suffer some losses as the tournament unfolds. A professor of mathematics at DePaul University concluded that a fan of college hoops has a 128 billion-to-one shot of picking a perfect March Madness bracket. The odds of someone who knows nothing about basketball picking a perfect bracket are an astounding 9.2 quintillion-to-one.

Download: march-madness-bracket

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Avery 8161 Template

Labels personalize letters and gifts, adding a personal touch to each piece of correspondence you send. Utilizing the Avery 8161 Template to create your own gift tags and customized labels is possible with the easy to use features of this template. As a bonus, this template is available to download from this page free of charge. One sheet produces twenty labels that are 1 inch by 4 inches in size.

Using the Avery 8161 Template

  • Click on the download link to download a free copy to your computer. You may save the file before you customize the labels or after; the choice is yours.
  • Select an easy to find location to save the template for ease of access in the future.
  • Customize the name and address by simply clicking on “Edit Addresses” located on the upper left hand side of the tool bar, enter appropriate information and click OK. There is no need to type your information in each label as the remaining fields of the template will auto fill.
  • Insert a logo or your favorite clip art by clicking on the default picture on the label then click on “Change Picture” on the toolbar at the top of The Avery 8161 Template window and selecting either ‘Picture’ or Clip Art’ or search your personal pictures and choose the file you desire. Using this method will change the picture on the current label only.

Helpful Hints and Tips For Customizing the Avery 8161 Template

  • Change the template fonts and colors to match a theme or your business colors.
  • Picture and logo size are customizable by clicking on the picture and dragging the edge until you reach the desired size.
  • Select “Change All Pictures” to add the same picture to every label without having to click each individual one.
  • The Avery 8161 Template enables new business to add a business logo and create a unique standardized appearance on each piece of correspondence sent to potential customers.

Download your free copy of the Avery 8161 template today from our website and let your imagination do the rest.

Download: Avery 8161 Template

Free Avery 8161 Template

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Avery 8873 Template

Magicians are a curious lot. They make things seem to appear out of nowhere. In reality these are just tricks. But magicians that have honed their skills to perfection make a good deal of money at these tricks. Even those that are not so famous have gone to great lengths to perfect their skills, and make even the simplest tricks seem like mystical magic.

In business, giving off a professional image can be a bit of magic too. Your business cards need to look beautiful and expensive, but just like magic, this can be a creative trick.

Business cards don’t really have to be expensive. You can present attractive and professional business cards that look like they took a lot of work to make and a lot of money to print, but didn’t really. These cards can be very simple to elaborate, especially if you use the Avery 8873 Template.

Free Avery 8873 Template

What is the Avery 8873 Template?

This is a simple template that allows you to customize all of your information on a business card. You can make a very attractive card by simply replacing the existing information in thee Avery 8873 Template with your own. Basically, you just write over all the preset information and replace it with your own.

How Do I Change the Information?

Just click the “Download” button for the Avery 8873 Template on this page. Then double click the downloaded file to open. Once open, place the cursor at the start of the typed words. Delete the existing contact information and replace with your own information.

Print Out the Avery 8873 Template

Once you’ve changed all the information in the Avery 8873 Template, just click the “Print” button and your printer will print out a sheet of 10 business cards for you. If you plan on printing the coupon option out on the back of the card, just fill in the information on the template. Then reinsert the printed card paper into the printer; making sure the backside of the card paper is the side to be printed.

Presto, like magic, you have attractive, elegant and expensive looking business cards!

Download: Avery 8873 Template

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Avery 5392 Template

Custom, personalized name tags can be both useful and fun, depending on the occasion. They can be used for business meetings, parties, reunions, or any other large gathering. While these name tags can be hand-written, the Avery 5392 template is used on a computer to create cleaner, personalized name tags.

At meetings or at parties, it can be difficult to get people to remember to create name tags for themselves. The Avery 5392 template is an efficient, easy way to create personalized name tags that are both customized to the individual and to the company or individual who created the tags.

How to Use an Avery 5392 Template

  • First, fill in the customizable organization name and save the file. Include any logos or other information relevant to the organization. Small versions of attractive logos help to organize the name tag and make it look professional and fun.
  • Second, insert the date of the event. If the name tag will be used for multiple events on multiple days, choose to have the date automatically update. If not, type the date of the event into the ‘date’ area.
  • Third, either type in each person’s name or leave a line for them to write in their own name later.
  • Fourth, customize the rest of the tag to fit the event needs.

Tips for Using the Avery 5392 Template

  • First, because name tags provide the first impression of a person at an event, make sure that the name tags capture the spirit of the event. For a company or organization event or meeting, ensure that the company name and logo are on the name tag. Make sure that the name tags are uniform and in line with the company or organization’s standards. For a personal party or reunion, use fun colors or fonts to capture the feel of the event.
  • Second, make sure that the most important information on the name tag is the focal point of the name tag. Usually, the most important information will be the name of the participant. The Avery 5392 template allows for the customization of the name tag, so ensure that the size of the different pieces of information on the name tag relates to the actual importance of the information.

Download: Avery 5392 Template

Free Avery 5392 Template

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Avery 8066 Template

Avery Dennison has been manufacturing and selling mailing labels since 1935. Today, their labels come in the forms of templates that work with Word 2007 or later and can be downloaded for free. In this article we will be dealing specifically with one particular label, the Avery 8066 Template, and give its physical dimensions and the purposes for which it can be used. You can download and print the Avery 8066 template right here on this page. Simply click on the download link to get started.

About the Avery 8066 Template

The Avery template comes in the form of a Microsoft Word document. The Avery 8066 Template consists of a set of thirty file folder labels per page. On the left side of each label are the words “Important project” in dark blue. On the two lines below that, in lighter blue and in smaller type, are the words “Date started:” and “Date completed:”. On the right side there is a set of four colored squares, which, from left to right and top to bottom are blue, green, yellow and red. The labels are arranged in two columns.

The Avery 8066 Template is Part of Our Collection

The Avery 8066 template is just part of the enormous collection of Avery sheets that can be found here at ExcelTemplates.net. Avery has templates for CDs, DVDs, spice jars, wine bottles, ID badges, brochures, bookmarks, envelopes, place cards and much, much more. All of the Avery templates featured here at ExcelTemplates.net are available at no charge. They can also be downloaded in a matter of seconds, depending on your connection speed.

Free Avery 8066 Template

Please feel free to browse around the rest of the site and find the free templates, calculators and spreadsheets that are right for you!

Download: Avery 8066 Template

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