Functional Resume Template

Free Functional Resume Template

A functional resume emphasizes skills acquired over positions held. Therefore, it is a good choice for people who are seeking employment in a new field, people with gaps in their work history or for people with non-traditional jobs, such as consultants or freelancers. With the Functional Resume Template, you can create a professional-looking resume which is customized towards the position you want.

How to Use the Functional Resume Template

  • First, download the Functional Resume Template for free at this website.
  • Open the template document in Microsoft Word and save it with a file name that includes your last name and the date, both for your convenience and for your prospective employer’s.
  • Fill out the fields with information about you, your skills and experience and contact information. Fill out the objective statement; for a functional resume, the objective statement can act as a thesis which the rest of your resume is going to prove.

Tips for Using the Functional Resume Template

  • You must remember to fill in your contact information at the top of the Functional Resume Template.
  • Fill in the skills you want your prospective employer to know you have. Begin with your most important skill, the one you think is most relevant to the job you want. Some examples of skills you could list are: Communications, Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility, Attention to Detail, Sales Experience and Reliable.
  • Now, think of specific achievements from your past which highlight these skills, and fill those in under the appropriate skill. Try to include achievements with quantifiable results. For instance, if one of your skills is “Customer Service” then instead of saying “answered phones while working the retail store” you may wish to say “handled as many as 500 customer contacts a day in busy retail outlet.”
  • Next, fill in your chronological work history. Although you are capturing their interest with your skill set, employers will be pleased that you have included your work history in a traditional manner. This helps them get a clear picture of your life as an employee, and negates the suspicion that you are using your functional resume to hide anything.
  • Finally, list your education and certifications.


Download: Functional Resume Template

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