Resume Cover Letter Template

Free Resume Cover Letter Template

If you are in the need of a new cover letter, try out this free download available here. It is a Resume Cover Letter Template that outlines all the information that you need to put on a cover letter, and formats it so you can focus on what to say. Here is an easy to follow guide to using this Resume Cover Letter Template and a couple tips that will help you land that job.

How to Use the Resume Cover Letter Template

When you download the file and open it, Microsoft Word 2003 or any software that it is compatible with will show you the outline of the letter. The top portion can be edited to show your name and address followed by the date. The recipient’s name, title, the company they work for, and its address can all be added to the provided space below your personal information. Next you can replace [Recipient Name] with the same name that you just above. [Your Name] at the bottom is just waiting for you to be replaced by the name that your mother gave you. The body of the document can be left as is after changing the phone number if all the information pertains to you and the job in question. Most likely it will not though, and you will have to rewrite it to better fit your own situation.

Tips for Using the Resume Cover Letter Template

You can completely change the body of the document while keeping the same formatting. Make sure you have a strong resume that can go along with this cover letter. Add or remove bullet points that state what you have included with the cover letter. If can add more than one form of contact to the end of the body as well. Include a home number, cell phone number, e-mail address, website, or even fax number if you have one available. With this document, include anything you can that shows what an eligible candidate for the job that you are applying for.

The Resume Cover Letter Template you can download from this page can save you time when formatting one yourself. Your message will come through professionally and include all needed information for an employer to make an educated decision about your employment.

Download: Resume Cover Letter Template

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