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Everyone needs some time off every once in a while. This need for a break from work needs to be balanced with the needs of the workplace. A method of managing these two needs is to require the use of a time off request form. The use of the form allows management to compensate for missing employees by providing advanced notice of absences.

How to Use the Time Off Request Form Template

  • First, customize the downloadable template with your company’s name and information. Save this basic form.
  • Second, take the basic time off request form and add details for each employee attached to each supervisor. Doing so quickens the process prior to use of the form. Save after each employee is filled in.
  • Third, make the forms available to the employees. It can be done either through printing off an appropriate stack of forms for each employee or sending the file with the appropriate information to the employee stated on the file.


Tips on Using the Time Off Request Form Template

  • First, after establishing the request form policy and making the form available, stick to the policy. With the exception of sick days and family leave days, do not permit absences without notice being given.
  • Second, in accordance with the policy regarding notice, review the forms to make sure an appropriate form is available to every employee. If a new employee is added, be sure to create a form for him. If an employee leaves the company for any reason, be sure to delete the file containing his information.
  • Third, regularly review the forms to keep an accurate count of absences for each employee including the length of absence and reason. The count is particularly important for vacation days and other paid time off.


Balance is required in life. One of the ways life needs to be balanced is between work and play. Managing this balance can be difficult for workplace supervisors if they are not notified in advance of a switch between the two. The use of the free time off request form template can make management of this balance easier for supervisors by giving them advanced warning of absences.

Download: Time Off Request Form

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