Leave Request Form

Leave Request Form Template

This leave request form is an easy to way to put your request for time off in writing for your boss. Download this leave request form today by clicking the link below.

Using the Leave Request Form Template

When you need to request time off from work, you can use this simple leave request form. On this leave request form template, you’ll find space to indicate how much leave you are requesting, what type of leave, and how many hours of leave you have accrued. Once you’ve completed this leave request form, simply give it to your supervisor or human resources department.

Keeping track of your time off is important, and this leave request form is a handy way to track time off that you have asked for. You can make an extra copy of the request form to keep for your own records, or simply save it as a Microsoft Excel file. With this leave request form, asking for time off is easy.

If you are an employer, distribute this leave request form to your employees for them to use when requesting time off. It will help you make sure that everyone is asking for time off in the same way and providing all the information you need to process their request. This leave request form will take the guesswork out of approving time off for your workers and give you more time to concentrate on running your business.

You can always customize this leave request form to fit your business’s needs by adding or removing information. Our leave request form template is a great way to simplify your workplace.

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Download: Leave Request Form

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