Employee Vacation Calendar

Free Employee Vacation Calendar

The employee vacation calendar template allows companies to keep track of all worker absences. This employee vacation calendar provides business with an easy-to-use and understand template that can keep records of all employee absences – excused or otherwise – all in one place.

The employee vacation calendar template is available as a free download right here on this page compliments of ExcelTemplates.net. Make vacation tracking a breeze with the employee vacation calendar template today!

Using the Microsoft Employee Vacation Calendar Template

The employee vacation calendar template comes in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. While the template comes completely ready to use, the employee vacation calendar can be customized in any way that would make it easier for you to use.

Upon opening the employee vacation calendar template you will notice there are 12 individual tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Each tab is for each specific month of the year.

The first step in filling out the employee vacation calendar template is to select the current year. You can select the year by typing it into the top right hand corner of the template in the space designated “Enter Year”. Once the year has been changed, the template will automatically shift the dates to correspond with the appropriate days of the week.

As designed, the employee vacation calendar template includes space for five different employees. Employees can be added or subtracted based on the size of your company.

The employee vacation calendar template employs a color-coded key to denote the reason for absences. Reasons for employee absences include:

  • Vacation Time
  • Personal Time
  • Sick Time

There are also two custom squares that can be used for events such as jury duty, bereavement or personal time. To mark absences on the employee vacation calendar, simply type in the initial for the absence in the corresponding box. For example, for vacation type in “V”. The box will then be filled and the absence will be noted.

Make the Most of the Employee Vacation Calendar Template

You can make the most of the employee vacation calendar template by using it in conjunction with the employee vacation request form. After filling out the form, you can keep a record of the dates the employee will miss with the calendar. It’s the best way to ensure that employee absences are documented and that there will be enough staff on hand to cover for the absence.

Download: Employee Vacation Calendar

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