Excel Weekly Timesheet

Excel Weekly Timesheet

At one time or another, just about everyone who has ever had a job has forgotten to mark down the hours they worked for a day or week. With the Excel weekly timesheet, you can use just a few keys to make sure you are properly compensated for all the hours you put in. This beautiful, simple and easy-to-use template can be downloaded instantly at absolutely no cost to you below.

Filling Out the Excel Weekly Timesheet

At the top of the weekly timesheet is a space reserved to add the name of your company. Below is where you will enter the address of where the office is located, including the city, state and zip code. Next, you will fill in the name of the employee as well as the name of the manager or supervisor. Finally, enter the date that the work week starts and the date that the week will conclude.

The template is pre-loaded with all seven days of the week, beginning with Sunday. When an employee reports for their shift, they will simply type in the time they arrived in the “Time In” box. If the employee leaves for a break or is gone for the day, they will input the time of their departure in the “Time Out” box.

In the middle is a space where you can denote what time you went for a lunch or dinner break. You can also mark how long the break was for if the information is required. After the meal break line is a time in and time out section identical to the section above the break line.

Easily the best feature about this template is that it will automatically calculate the hours for you. It’s important to review your information carefully before submitting it to ensure that you are compensated for all the hours you worked. Once an entire week has been filled out, the overall number of hours you put will be revealed in the “Total Hours” box. This figure will be calculated automatically based on the hours you input during the course of the week.

The final section is reserved for the signature of both the employee and the manager. It’s critically important for the employee to review all the information before signing off on the timesheet. Both the employee and manager will also date the document to ensure its authenticity.

Download: Excel Weekly Timesheet

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