Employee Timesheet Spreadsheet Form Excel Templates

Employee Timesheet Spreadsheet Form Excel Templates

Tracking the hours of fellow employees can be a challenging task. Ensuring that co-workers are properly compensated for the hours they worked is of the highest priority, but there are times when errors will undoubtedly be made. Employee timesheet spreadsheet form Excel templates can significantly reduce the amount of time required to perform payroll operations and hopefully help you avoid potential pitfalls. With these templates, you can keep track of an employee’s hours on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The template can be downloaded instantly and it’s 100% free.

Using Employee Timesheet Spreadsheet Form Excel TemplatesEmployee Timesheet Spreadsheet Form Excel Templates

The Employee Timesheet Spreadsheet Form Excel Templates available on this site will cover an entire year. The top of the sheet is reserved for the employee’s name, email address, phone number and the employee’s manager. Also at the top is a space reserved for the regular hours worked, the overtime hours worked and the combined total. These numbers will be calculated automatically once the sheet has been filled out.

The heart of the spreadsheet is broken down into four quarters. The quarters are:

  • January, February, March
  • April, May, June
  • July, August, September
  • October, November, December


All seven days are listed for the respective months and there are slots for regular hours and overtime hours. Simply type in the number of hours worked during the respective day and the totals will be calculated below. Each month is broken down by five weeks.

This spreadsheet is perfect for keeping a detailed record of the hours logged by all employees. It can also serve as the ultimate resource guide should problems, questions or concerns arise down the road. Should there be a discrepancy, you can easily go back to the spreadsheet to see if an error was made.

In addition to the employee timesheet, work schedules, time cards, vacation trackers, absence trackers, performance review forms and employee termination checklists are among the hundreds of complimentary templates and spreadsheets available on this site. They have all been created to help make the general operations in your business or company run just a little smoother.

Download: Employee Timesheet Spreadsheet Form Excel Templates

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