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free excel daily timesheet

free excel daily timesheet People have lot to do during a the day at work. They get so busy with job related tasks that filling out a timesheet may be overlooked. A timesheet is important to track hours so person can get paid for the job that they work so hard to so. An Excel daily timesheet will help both the employee and an employer correctly track hours and make sure the employee is getting paid the correct amount.

The Excel daily timesheet is able to calculate hours so a person does not have to. All a person has to do it fill in the date and information such as their name an employee number. If a person worked an eight hour day they would enter the number eight on the spreadsheet. If they worked an additional half hour they would enter that as well.

Most companies pay in increments of fifteen minutes so a person will put them into the spreadsheet and Excel will be able to calculate it correctly. At the end of the week the Excel program is able to total the hours that a person has worked and given this total in the correct format. If a person worked overtime Excel will also correctly calculate this time in another row. Additional time such as paid holiday time or sick time will be correctly added by Excel. The employer can then review the time sheet and verify that everything is correct.

Daily time sheets are also beneficial when a person has to track their hours doing a specific task. Some students are required to be a certain amount internship of volunteer hours. Using the daily time sheet a student can track their hours each day so they known how many hours they have to do before the week ends. With people being so busy the daily timesheets add simplicity to life.

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