Restaurant Reservation Template

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For restaurant owners, the restaurant reservation template is an excellent tool to manage your reservations. Providing excellent customer service is highly important in the restaurant business, so you will need an efficient and easy to use reservation system.

You can download the restaurant reservation template completely free. You can save the spread sheet in Excel so that you can easily customize the fields to suit your particular reservation system. This system will be particularly easy to use for new employees.

Using the Restaurant Reservation Template

The restaurant reservation template is very straightforward to use. There are two worksheets. When you receive a reservation, you simply add the person’s name, address and phone number and reservation time into the restaurant reservation sheet.

You can customize fields in the restaurant reservation template sheet, except for the table number column, which holds the formula. After you have entered your guest’s information, you will then switch over to the availability sheet.

The most important tab that you will need to pay attention to is at the top of the sheet, where you will need to change the date to view future reservations. For example, if you add a guest for July 2nd 5 to 9pm on table 83, you will then switch back to the availability sheet and change the date at the top of the sheet to July 2nd. Then you will see your reservation highlighted in red for table 83.

When you or a staff member are answering the phone to make reservations, you will simply bring up the date the guest is requesting on the availability sheet. All areas not marked in red will be available and you can choose a table for your guest, based on the number of guests and whether smoking or non-smoking.

After you have chosen a table number for your guest, you will switch to the restaurant reservation tab and enter your guests information. After you have filled out the information including the table number, you can look back at the availability sheet and view the reservation you just entered.

The restaurant reservation template is easy to teach your employees. If you are short on staff and need to hire a temporary staff member, this restaurant reservation template can be taught extremely quickly. There is little room for error, especially if the staff keeps the program running on the desktop and enters information as it is received from the guest. By using the restaurant reservation system in real time, there is no chance of over booking or causing customer service complaints.

Download: Restaurant Reservation Template

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