Diwali Event Planner

Diwali is here again and the Diwali Event Planner is here to help you plan the most important elements of planning the perfect party for the festival of lights this year. The free planner comes to you as a space in which to enter all the items you’ll need and properly manage a budget so everything is exactly how you want it this year. The free template also calculates the totals of your expense for you, so no need to waste precious time with tedious calculations as well. To learn more about this free template and download a copy for yourself just continue reading the guide below.

Diwali Event Planner Description

The free template is available by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. After you have successfully downloaded the template file, you are free to customize the sheet as you see fit.

You will see that the template is broken into two different parts, the first allows you to enter your guest information and the second is for tracking the costs of various expenses. There is also an overview page in which to view everything you enter into the template in a much simpler fashion.

You will begin by listing your guest information into the template document below. This will allow you to keep track of the number of people that will attend your Diwali event and plan accordingly with the expenses you purchase.

With your guest list complete, simply fill out your expenses in the adjacent boxes to the right of the page. All the totals that you enter into these tables will be calculated for you and provided at the bottom of each table, as well as on the “Summary” tab.

When you are finished entering items into the Diwali Event Planner, you can view the fruits of your hard work in the “Summary” tab and make the necessary changes in your spending to ensure that this Diwali goes off without a hitch.

Download: Diwali Event Planner

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