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As the world has gotten more and more advanced, computers have become the primary organizational tool for nearly every business out there. For instance, hotel reservation is done almost exclusively by using computerized spreadsheets. However, just because someone happens to run a hotel that doesn’t mean that he or she has to pay a lot of money for a program to keep track of what room has been reserved when. All a hotel really needs is a hotel reservation template that runs on Microsoft Excel.

How Does a Hotel Reservation Template Work?

A hotel reservation template, which can be downloaded for free on this page, is a relatively simple thing to use. Once the hotel reservation template has been downloaded, all the staff needs to do is open it up. It will have the number of rooms, along with the dates they’re going to be reserved for. A single page could often be used to hold up to an entire month of reservations.

All the staff has to do is click “Save As” and then make sure that the page is properly labeled with the month and year. Once that’s happened they simply fill in the template with the dates and reservations as people call. The sheet does the rest of the work, making sure that checking which rooms are going to be full can be done at a single glance.

Benefits of Excel Versus Other Template Programs

There is a wide variety of computer programs on the market that provide hotels with a hotel reservation template as part of the software suite. However, these programs can cost a great deal of money, and if a hotel is using older computers then the hardware might not be able to support the software.

This issue is often moot when using the templates provided for Excel, because Excel is such a basic, straightforward program that it’s rare to find computers that don’t have some version of it already installed and ready to run.

What’s even better is that the hotel reservation template can be downloaded again and again, so any time there’s a mistake it’s a simple matter to correct it. There’s not much more that someone could ask for when looking for an easy to use and free way to keep hotel guests and room reservations in the proper order. And free is a price that no other software solution will manage to beat.

Download: Hotel Reservation Template

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