Hotel Room Booking Template

Hotel Room Booking Template

You can organize your hotel business all with one simple template this year. The free Hotel Room Booking Template is the perfect document to help you organize all the rooms and clients you have so you’re always on top of the people coming and going. You can also use this template to track the names and information of people that have booked a stay in your hotel as well. You don’t have to pay for expensive software to keep your hotel running perfectly round the clock. This free template gives you the space to create and customize a document that works for the system you already have in place. Give this template a try by reading the guide below.

How to Use the Hotel Room Booking Template

To download this free Hotel Room Booking Template, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Now, go to the setup page at the bottom of your screen to enter the start of your calendar period, the total number of rooms you have at your disposal, the status system you want to use for rooms and the colors system you need for your calendar.

You can also use this page to keep track of the busy season for your business as well.

You can then proceed to the hotel room information page to enter the different rooms you have to offer. This way you can keep track of special suites and set them apart from the rest.

Your booking guest information page will allow you to enter the status of each hotel room and the number of people staying at your hotel, to keep a running total of all this information on one page.

If you need to know what rooms you have available, head over to the availability page to see a complete review of all your room and their current status. There is a page for your unique suites and another for your regular rooms.

The guest monthly recap page will help you track all of this data and monitor the people that have canceled, stayed in your hotel before, and have booked a reservation.

Download: Hotel Room Booking Template

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