Task Timeline Template

Now you have the power to track your goals with the comprehensive Task Timeline Template. All you need to do is enter a few pieces of information on the side of the chart and you’ll be able to watch as you get closer and closer to your ultimate goal. You can use this simple document to take your beautiful ideas and turn them into reality. Whether you’re trying to plan out tasks, organize a team, or even implement various actions along the way, this Task Template has everything you need to get started. Simply click the link below to download the Timeline Template for free.

How to Use the Task Timeline Template

The chart is controlled by the small table to the far left of the Task Timeline Template. You can start at the very top of the document.
The Timeline Template is broken into several different sections, each spanning the length of the next three weeks. However, you can change any of the categories or items simply by clicking the cell and writing something new.

You will want to list as many tasks as you need for your goal in the top section of the document, under “Planning Phase”. Next, you can organize your team in the “Team Phase” and continue through the sections until you reach the “Closure Phase,” which is the task you will take in order to finish up your ultimate goal.

Again, you can change any of these categories/titles to things that help with your specific goal. You might not need to organize a team but you may need to raise money. In this example, you could simply change the “Team Phase” to a “Fundraiser Phase”.

Feel free to use the “Annotations” space at the bottom of the page to leave yourself any helpful notes about a certain task of your goal.
The final feature of this Timeline Template allows you to enter an “External Dependency” which means if you need help with a task, you can list a number of people you’ll need to recruit and highlight that number with an indicating color (as shown in the example).

Now you can watch as you progress through the week until you meet your goal in the most efficient way possible.


Download: Task Timeline Template

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