Simple Timeline Sheet

If you want to organize your schedule to easily complete any task or goal then the Simple Timeline Sheet will be your new best friend. Once you have the template sheet in your hands you can set to work on anything you’ve ever wanted to do, this template just maximizes efficiency, making your life much easier. It’s so simple, all you need to do is enter your tasks, print out the document, and complete each one as they come until you reach your end goal. Don’t waste time by writing on crumpled notes and cocktail napkins as great ideas strike your mind. Be ready anytime and anywhere by using the free Timeline Sheet template.

Simple Timeline Sheet Instruction Manual

After clicking the link at the bottom of this page to download the document, click the file to open the Excel template.

Take the time to look at the example chart at the top of the page in the blue box. Start to familiarize yourself with the natural layout of the timeline sheet.

Now, scroll to the bottom of the page to the table containing all your important data. Everything you enter in this table will appear in the chart above.

There are three sections that make up the table at the bottom of your screen, the “HT,” “Date,” and the “Task.”

The “HT” column highlights the significance and can help you differentiate between tasks you want to complete on the same day. You can see that some task lines are higher on the chart than others; this is because they have a higher value in the “HT” column.

The “Date” column is pretty straightforward. You will simply enter the date of when you want a task to be complete.

The final “Task” column is where you will enter the name of your task. Naturally, you should title your tasks something to help you remember what you need to do. It’s really that easy.

Now you will be able to take on any goal with ease by downloading the free template below.

Download: Simple Timeline Sheet

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