Project Timeline Template

If you have trouble organizing your information then you could probably use some help. The trouble with personal assistants and software is that they can run you a pretty penny over time. The Project Timeline Template is an absolutely free way to accomplish anything you set out to do. It doesn’t matter if you own a business or just want to keep your personal life organized; this template can help you do it. If you’re tired of scrambling from one task to the next without a clear view of the bigger picture, you can finally take your work or personal life into full view using the Timeline Template.

How to Use the Project Timeline Template

The template is designed to be as simple as possible when it comes to customizing and there are plenty of examples to get you started. Start by looking at the table of data at the very bottom of the sheet. This is where you will enter all your tasks that will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Take a look at the example chart shown at the top of the page. The sample list displays a variety of different milestones between the start and end of this project.

Your task will be to enter certain milestones that will help you achieve your own goal. Enter the start of your project first then the first milestone. You should name these millstones something that is easily remembered and illustrates what you have to do.

If your goal is to organize a fundraiser, one of the earlier milestones on your list might be buying the materials for cookies,
brownies, or whatever you plan to sell to make money. Another milestone might be rounding up volunteers to pitch in their time.

As you make your way through the various tasks leading up to the end-date of your goal, you can rest comfortably knowing you’ve taken all the necessary steps to make whatever your aim is a complete success.

Download: Project Timeline Template

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