Timeline Template Sheet

The Timeline Template Sheet is your chance to change the direction of your project from failure to success. The key is always organization and this template has that in spades. The difference between this and any other timeline goal template is the structure of the graph. You can easily see each tasks individual progress as you make your way to completing your final goal instead of everything being thrown together. It’s cohesive, immersive, and best of it’s free. The document has everything you need to get started on your path to achieving any goal. You will be able to take your future back into your own hands now and forever, download the free Timeline Template today.

How to Use the Timeline Template Sheet

The first step is downloading the Timeline Template. You will simply follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Once you have downloaded the document to your computer you can start in the data table in the top-left corner of the page.

This is where all the data points for your Timeline Template sheet will go and depending on the length of your plans/goals it may span weeks or months. However, you will enter the dates for each task you will need to complete your overall goal in this table.

Begin by entering the task name in the first column. The name should be descriptive enough for you to remember what needs to be done upon reading it again.

The next thing you will enter is both the start and end dates of your task. You can enter these ahead of time so you have a detailed schedule of your goal as well. For example, if you are planning a community theater show, you will need actors at one point. You can make one of your first tasks hosting audition and the next would be having your actors by a certain date of your choosing.

Finally, you can enter the duration of each task. Say you want to take a certain number of days to host auditions for your show, let’s say a week. You can enter “7” in the corresponding cell to indicate that you have 7 days to complete the task from the start to the end date.

All the information that you list in this table will be applied to the graph on the right side of the template for your convenience. Now you can take on any goal with confidence using the Timeline Template Sheet.

Download: Timeline Template Sheet

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