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Free Template for Press Release

Many new companies that would like to attract attention to their brand or products often use press releases. Sent to the right media source, a release well written can provide a new company with leads for their business. To have it properly formatted to standards accepted by most media sources – a template is often used.

As a cost effective solution business owners do it themselves instead of hiring someone to write it for them. By using the template for press release available on this page, you can immediately begin writing your press releases in an easy-to-follow format. The template is free to download and customize with your business information. It’s compatible with Microsoft Word 2013.

How to Use the Template for Press Release

  • Download the template for press release to your computer, and save it to any folder that you prefer or direct to the desktop for quicker access to it.
  • Locate the file and open it so you can start editing the text areas with your own business information.
  • The first default text area you can replace is the logo. If you have a business logo you can insert the image in this space.
  • Right below on the left hand side you will see lines of text with default entries you can also replace, this includes the required information for contact, telephone, cell, email, and website. Simply write your own in each line.
  • On the right side of it there is a line that reads -for immediate release- leave that alone and only insert the date below it.
  • A couple of spaces below you will see where you can insert the main title of the press release, and just below it the subtitle. In the space where the body of text for the release begins, follow the directions on the template so you will know what to write.

Tips for Using the Template for Press Release

  • If you do not have time to write the press release yourself or are having difficulty, you can assign the work to a virtual assistant service. Often times, they charge much less than a press release agency will.
  • Do not immediately send out the release without carefully going over it. The template for press release is a great tool to use, however, you should make sure all the spelling is correct, and the release doesn’t sound like full-blown advertisement.

Make it easier on yourself or your assistant, and use the template for press release. It is free to download and use as many times as you need.

Download: Template for Press Release

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