Business Proposal Letter Template

Free Business Proposal Letter Template

To pursue new business opportunities many companies send out business proposals to prospective clients to entice them to hire your services. This provides the chance to meet new clients that may seek you immediately for services you offer or later in the future. For best results in writing a professional letter that increase your chances of generating leads, a business proposal letter template can be used.

By following a step-by-step format to write your proposal, you will have a better chance at seeking new opportunities for business. The template is downloadable from this page. It is easy-to-use and customize to suit your needs. To be used with Microsoft Word 2003 or later.

How to Use the Business Proposal Letter Template

  • Download the letter template, and save it to any folder on your computer you prefer or directly to the desktop.
  • Once downloaded, open the template to start editing the text fields as you see fit. The template is five pages in length, and includes a schedule of fees.
  • The first area to customize is for your name, address, and date. Enter the correct details here. After this, you will enter the recipient’s name, title, and address.
  • The template covers the following topics in the letter: objective, scope of services, responsibilities, benefits, and certain fees that apply. Carefully read through the letter and replace default text fields with your own information.
  • The final page of the business proposal letter template is the schedule of fees. Edit this part with the necessary details about your fees.

Tips for Using the Business Proposal Letter Template

  • The business proposal letter template is great to use for seeking new opportunities within a community group. While the default letter is software based you are free to customize it to match the services you offer.
  • Since it is a word document you can easily insert an image box, and insert your business logo in it. You can also change the style of the font or the color, add more pages, insert tables, and more.

By using this easy-to-use business proposal letter template today you can start sending out letters to prospective clients, and seek new business opportunities. Download it for free today.

Download: Business Proposal Letter Template

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