Business Letter Format Template

Free Business Letter Format Template

In the business industry, correspondence is an important part of communications. It helps companies stay ahead when any changes are made. It is also good for increasing a brand awareness, and professionalism. For whatever reason a business letter needs to be written – a certain style of format should be followed. It will look better, and make the information on it easier to read.

To assist anyone that needs to write letters in a professional manner, the business letter format template can be used. It is available for free on this page, and you can download it right now. It is easy-to-use and customize with your own details. Compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

How to Use the Business Letter Format Template

  • Download the free business letter format template to your computer, and save it to a file of your choice or to the desktop.
  • Locate the template file, and open it. You will now be able to customize the letter with your own business information.
  • The left side of the page has a text area with default entries you can replace. Here you can insert your business name, address, phone, fax, and email. You can also delete any line you will not use.
  • The right side has default text fields you can delete, and write your own. You can insert the date, the receiving company‚Äôs name, and address.
  • There is a line for a salutation. Write your own in it. Below the salutation there is a large body of text you can replace with the information you want to write for the letter.
  • Lastly, you can now insert your name, title, and your organization’s name in the proper spaces as you see on the template. Once you are done, print a copy of the letter to sign to send by mail or fax.

Tips for Using the Business Letter Format Template

  • The business letter format template can be used for correspondence with customers as well as other business organizations. With an easy to follow format your letters will look more professional. Before signing and sending out check for any errors in spelling or grammar. Make sure the reason for writing the letter is well explained too.

Using the business letter format template is easy, and a great way to produce your own professional looking forms. You can download it for free today, and start using it immediately.

Download: Business Letter Format Template

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