Church Program Template

Free Church Program Template

The Church Program Template can be used for any church service and may be customized for any special programs your church may have. The program helps to keep parishioners (visitors and members) informed of what is going on in a particular service, but also gives insight of upcoming services and/or events. This template may be downloaded and used for your specific needs.

This template is customizable, easy to use, and may be downloaded from this page for free. Follow the instructions below to customize your template.

How to Customize the Front Cover of the Church Program Template

  • Add an appropriate scripture along with referencing verse
  • Add the church name and address
  • Add the date
  • Add Presiding Pastor’s name

How to Customize the Inside Cover of the Church Program Template

At the very top, center the following text; leave a one-line space between each entry so as not to crowd the information.

  • Church Name
  • Date
  • Time of Service
  • Presiding Pastor or Guest Minister’s name

How to Customize the Body of the Church Program Template

Left align the following text, leaving one-line space between each entry for ease of readability and not to clutter. To add a corresponding name or other information for each entry, use the “Tab” key and enter the name.

  • Devotion
  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Selection
  • Tithes & Offering
  • Welcome of Visitors & Announcements
  • Selection
  • Introduction of Speaker
  • Speaker
  • Altar Call
  • Remarks
  • Benediction

Use the back cover for upcoming announcements or events. Make sure not to overload with too much information. You may also use the back cover to add prayer requests or provide visitors with information about the church or you may use to show your church’s sick list. You may use this template to your advantage to advertise your church.

Download: Church Program Template

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