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Free Church Bulletin Template

A church bulletin template can be a great tool to help keep parishioners and church staff up to date with a minimal amount of effort. Many churches have a variety of activities that can span the entire week. Knowing what, when, and how things are happening can be a huge help to people with otherwise busy schedules. Get the church bulletin template on this page for free today!

Downloading and Using the Church Bulletin Template

This incredibly easy-to-use and customizable church bulletin template is available right here for downloading, absolutely free of charge. The printable folding template features plenty of room for the church weekly activities, as well as the Sunday sermon information. Using this template is simple, just download it to your computer and then fill in the blanks. The format of this template is so simple, anyone can use it successfully.

One way to keep parishioners and staff interested in the service is to try to make the worship program as exciting as possible. Experiment with different fonts and colors to make the information in the worship brochure really pop. You might also consider adding in something fun like a crossword for the kids to solve on the back of the bulletin, or perhaps a picture to recognize a weekly church goer who has done something admirable. Because of the flexible design of this church bulletin template, there are quite a few exciting and innovative changes you can make to help keep things fresh and interesting for everyone.

This charming church bulletin template will help keep things running smoothly in your church and also works as a keepsake program for special events such as baptisms and special services. Imagine parishioners being able to collect the bulletins pertaining to the special church related events of their lives, having a cherished record of loved ones performing in holiday pageants and charity programs. These bulletins are a great way to keep a weekly record of the church happenings also. A church, like any other business, should keep weekly activity records.

Download this free bulletin template, have some fun customizing it for your purpose, and enjoy the pleasure and convenience it brings to both your church staff and worshipers.

Download: Church Bulletin Template

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