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Quarterly tax reports have always been a very tedious job for any business owner. However, they are an unnecessary evil in order to keep one’s business running properly and legally. The payroll register is a template that will help to convert a business’s employee tax information into an Excel document making filling out 941 quarterly tax forms more accessible and easy.

This template is easy-to-use even for people that are not familiar with Excel, and it is also offered for free. This will help business owners in multiple ways, as well, because of it’s customization capabilities.

How to Convert Current Payroll List into the Payroll Register Template for Excel

  • The first thing to do in order to use this template properly is to covert one’s current payroll register into an Excel list.
  • Once this is done, click the mouse on any cell within the data that was transferred over, and point to List on the Data menu. Click on Create List from the options.
  • In the Create List dialog box, one needs to confirm that the “My list has headers” box is selected and the confirm it by clicking the OK button.
  • Finally, if this was all done correctly, a blue border will appear around the payroll data, and this will mean that the payroll data that had been transferred over was successfully converted into an Excel list.

How to Use the Payroll Register Template for Excel

  • Target specific tax reporting criteria with Auto Filter. This will allow one to find specific information from a specific quarter, for instance, if multiple quarters are shown on the data list.
  • Using this template, one can pull up the quarterly gross pay for all employees or a single employee, depending on the information currently desired.
  • It is easy to reset the list to once again show all of the information at once when done with specific searches.

Tips for Using the Payroll Register Template for Excel

  • When first converting one’s data list into the payroll register template, make sure that the original list already has header labels above each column. This will make it easier once the conversion to the template is complete.
  • When looking for specific information for one’s quarterly tax preparation, one can target the specific tax reporting criteria that is needed with ease by using the Auto Filter.

Download: Payroll Register Template

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