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Free Sales Lead Template

Prospecting for leads can be time consuming and frustrating. A sales person may fill out multiple reports containing contact and sales data, calculation of totals, and sales charts. A sales person requires the ability to organize sales and contact data efficiently and timely to maximize productivity. A sales lead template effectively alleviates the frustration associated with the usual process of documenting and tracking sales data.

How to Manage Data on the Sales Lead Template

A sales lead template is a document provided to consolidate the various reports, charts and calculations into a single file. The user then can add contacts and sales information in the cells provided by the template. Avoid altering anything within the gray cells. These cells are already customized to calculate the totals. Once data is entered into the Lead Data sheet the other two sheets will automatically adjust and calculate data. New figures will show up on the Forecast Sales sheet and the Forecast Chart will show the adjusted Graph. The sales lead template is available for free on this page.

The template is customizable to the need of the sales person or company. The user can modify the template to fit business requirements. Cells can be changed, added, and subtracted. The user can add filters for data types color and removing blank cells. Customization should be focused within the Lead Data sheet to maintain the sales lead template format. Save the template when done customizing.

How to Customize the Sales Lead Template

  • Enter your company name in the space provided.
  • To change a title criteria in the Lead Data sheet click on the chosen cell at the title bar and type in a new title then press enter.
  • To enter a column Highlight the entire field. Click on the sort and filter tab on the top right of the screen and click on filter. This turns off auto filtering to make adjustments. Highlight a column and right click within the highlighted area and select insert. Select enter column.
  • To reapply filters highlight the forecast close column. Click on the sort and filter tab and select filter. Click on the dropdown box and verify all items are checked.

Download: Sales Lead Template

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