Cost Tracking Template

Free Cost Tracker Template

The Cost Tracking Template is a great way for businesses to compare two products together. They will be able to find out the final costs for their products or services used. The information entered into the template will create a pie chart that is easy to read. This will help businesses get a better visual on the products or services they are comparing.

How to Use the Cost Tracking Template

  • The top row of the template lists Costs, Product A, and Product B.
  • Under Product A and Product B can be listed the actual products or services names in order to be identified easier.
  • Under the Costs section is three separate sections. Those are listed as Direct Costs, Indirect Costs, and General and Administrative.
  • Under the data chart is listed Summary. The Summary is where the pie chart is created. This chart is color coded to make it easier to see the comparison between the two products.
  • The Summary is broken down into three parts: Product cost per unit, units produced per week, and total production costs per week.

Tips for Using the Cost Tracking Template

  • Since the template does make a chart, it is best to eliminate any information that is not needed. You will also need to add any information that is going to make the chart more beneficial.
  • If any of the colors are changed on the chart, be sure to use colors that are easy for the eye to see and read. This way, the products or services listed can be compared easily and quickly.
  • At the top of the template, you can add in the company name and date that the chart was made. This way, it is easier to keep track of and organize into files.

The Cost Tracking Template is 100-percent customizable and is very user-friendly. The template is laid out for you and all you have to do is edit it to fit your needs. You can download this template today by clicking the download button located on this page. Get your Cost Tracking Template from Microsoft for free today!

Download: Cost Tracking Template

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