Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Free Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Businesses have expenses and without smart business choices and a good budget those expenses can get out of control. That’s why it’s important that you choose products that maximize their efficiency and minimize their expenses. Making decisions on big purchases is hard enough for an individual let alone a business. It is often hard to judge which product will be more economical, but thanks to the Microsoft Total Cost of Ownership Calculator template it can be easily calculated.

This Total Cost of Ownership Calculator template can help your business ensure you’re getting a good deal. It is easy to use and free! The template is also customizable and can be easily accessed and downloaded¬†for free right here on this page.

How to Use the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

  • First place all the information available on the two products you are comparing into the “Assumption” section of the template. The more accurate the information you put in the more accurate the cost estimation will be.
  • Next, fill in your estimates for the indirect costs on the project such as cost of electricity, reading time, and average office cost.
  • Remember that the gray boxes you do not need to fill in they will be calculated for you.

Tips for Using the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

  • Make sure you have full and correct information on the products you want to compare and the indirect costs. If these aren’t accurate you will not have an accurate cost estimation.
  • You can use the information gained from the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator to create an annual cost comparison. This will help you budget for your companies expenses.
  • The information gained from using the template will only help you if you put it to good use. Follow through with your product analysis. Save money when you can and budget any money you calculate that you’ll spend.

Businesses are all about making money and the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator from Microsoft is an easy way to make product choices that make good business sense.

Download: Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

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