Purchase Order Template

The Purchase Order Template

Businesses do not only sell products and services. They also purchase products and services to conduct their business. Businesses that must buy products to sell, parts for services or ingredients to mix often have to purchase these items from different vendors. To simplify their ordering system, the business sends out one purchase order from their business in place of using the various order methods of their vendors. The use of a purchase order template to create this simplifying tool helps to streamline the purchasing process.

How to Use the Purchase Order Template

  • First, customize the purchase order template with your company’s information. Be sure to include who is responsible for the shipment and where shipments are to go on a regular basis.
  • Second, add to the template your common vendor information. Save each vendor’s information into an appropriate version.
  • Third, with the appropriate vendor, fill in the purchase order for the vendor for the day. Print the order and keep a print out for business records.


Tips for Using the Purchase Order Template

  • First, periodically review your business’s information. Personnel changes as well as business re-locations occur from time to time.
  • Second, periodically review your business’s vendors. From time to time, vendors for a business will also change. Give new vendors their own version of the purchase order. Delete old vendors that a business is no longer using.
  • Third, review the business’s purchases from time to time as well. Consider what the orders reflect. Ask what a business is buying. Ask why a business is buying what is buying. Adjust future purchase orders accordingly.


Businesses are consumers as well as producers. They do not merely sell products and services, but they must also buy products and services. However, as larger consumers, businesses can simplify the order process. They perform this simplification by using purchase orders specific for their business in place of the order sheets of their vendors. The use of a free, downloadable purchase order template can make the process of creating the purchase order sheets easier.

Download: Purchase Order Template

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