Interview Confirmation Email Template

When the opportunity presents itself to reply to a potential job contender about an interview in the near future, it can be helpful to have an Interview Confirmation Email Template. This template is a very good way to stay professional.

How to Use the Interview Confirmation Template

After receiving a resume from a job candidate and the experience you are looking for fits the candidates resume description, you will want to set up an interview. The Interview Confirmation Email Template is a good way to work quickly and give the professional kind of look you want to present to the candidate.

  • The first thing to do is add the person’s email address. You then add a subject that lets the person know what the email is about. For example, you can type on the subject Invitation to Interview. Be sure to erase the date on the email and add the current date.
  • In the heading of the email you will want to add the possible job contender’s name. Enter the name on the template where you see [Name Here]. The first paragraph should let the candidate know that their resume was received and that the resume will be forward to the department that has an opening for their experience and skill set. You will enter the job title that they applied to where it states [Job Title Here]. You will do this for the first and last paragraph. At the bottom of the email template you will put your name and your email. The Interview Confirmation Email Template is customizable and it is free to download here.


Tips On How To Using The Interview Confirmation Email Template

  • If there is anything else you want to add to the email or update, you do have the option to do so. Your able to delete anything you feel is unnecessary and only add what you feel is relevant. On the Interview Confirmation Email Template you can save a copy of the email you sent to the possible job contender in the drafts folder. This is good to do for future use.
  • Then you will want to add your companies name and the web page on the email. That way the person knows who sent it. You do have the option to add this information on the subject line.


Download: Interview Confirmation Email Template

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