Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

The Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template will help you track employee’s absenteeism and leave entitlements. The duties of the company human resource personnel or staffing supervisor involve tracking employee’s attendance, absenteeism, and welfare entitlement. The template has in-built field template that headlines all the required information. This template allows functionalities such as data query or filtering, enabling you to retrieve any information that may be later printed or presented. The template is available for you FREE on this web-page.

Tracking employee absenteeism using the Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template will help you identify whether the absenteeism is limited to one or few employees, you will also be able to ascertain whether the absenteeism is an isolated case. In case the attendance policy is not well crafted or followed; the attendance policy may probably not be reasonable to the employee’s job description.

The template is customizable to all the aspects that define employee-absenteeism. Working with the Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template is easy, the staffing personnel is just required to type in the requested information such as employee name, vacation hours, and medical hours. Tracking employee’s absenteeism is necessary in order to coordinate the work plan without sacrificing productivity. The template is easy-to-use, download it right-here.

How to Use the Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

The employee absence tracking template is designed with worksheets that list all the months together with a summary sheet that illustrates, year-to-date vacation among other aspects, such as sick leave for all employees. To use it, fill up the customizable employee’s absence totals form with requested details, then save the file. The other optional but pertinent detail includes company and supervisor field-names.

Tips on Working with Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

  • Use functions such as timeline and slicers to filter or query the table as desired.
  • In case you want to refresh the table, simply right-click it and then refresh. This operation can also be executed from the pivot table tools on the analyze ribbon tab.
  • To remove the tip dialog-box; select the edge and then click on the delete button.

Download: Employee Absence Tracking Excel Template

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