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Free Student Attendance Template

Keeping track of attendance is critical to student’s participation. Have your student’s record easily monitored and managed by using a Student Attendance Template Microsoft Excel. The presence and absence of individual students are recorded in the attendance sheet template in Excel by the teacher. It is used in order to monitor the regularity and patterns of students attending class, and to generate lists of students with numerous absences, and you can give time engaging actions for a student to attend class regularly. However, being disorganized in your attendance record becomes a barrier in managing time effectively. Thereby, using this template allows an instructor to input information with an ease of entry.

Benefits of Using the Student Attendance Template

The student attendance template is available for free on this page. It’s customizable, easy-to-use and downloadable. The Microsoft Word template gives you a fast, easy way to make the records required for effective record keeping. The template provides a record of total delivered attendance of student in each attended classes. The attendance list is prepared by the given formats for your needs. Attendance is prepared for each student monthly.

Features of the Student Attendance Template

  • Save a lot of time and effort. Enter student’s information, record student’s attendance and it will automatically calculate.
  • Keep accurate attendance records for the class weekly, monthly or daily. The template already has a format for monthly attendance.
  • Able to customize and theme up the workbook. Add designs for your attendance record. Select theme color set from the color gallery to have your workbook looking great.
  • Help to manage student attendance management more professionally.
  • Able to analyze student performance and progress and relate it with the student’s attendance. The total number of absences or tardiness of a student will be your guide and aid you for taking appropriate actions on how to effectively help a student to be always present in class, and actively participate in your class activities.
  • Easy to evaluate student’s performance and reports become easier.
  • Able to update the student attendance record. Reviewing student’s attendance while editing student’s information as needed.

By using the Student Attendance Template, you can maintain accurate records for your students and you’ll be able to report it with all the confidence. Get it now!

Download: Student Attendance Template

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