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As a teacher, your primary goal is to help students learn. Completing logistical tasks with efficiency only contributes to this goal. The Class Roster Template is a free and simple program that can be downloaded at this site, and customized in Excel. It stores valuable student information including email, phone number, and emergency contact info. Any additional fields you choose can be added or eliminated with ease.

Tips for Using the Class Roster Template

  • The Class Roster Template is simple: Enter and save all valuable student information into the Excel document. Keeping a digital record of student data is not only environmentally sound, but eliminates the risk of lost papers.
  • Get creative: Because this program provides complete customization, you may add additional fields uniquely relevant to your school such as individual student interests, dietary considerations (in the event of a class field trip or potluck, etc.) The possibilities can be minutely adjusted to fit your individual needs and preferences.
  • Communicate with ease: This program benefits not just the teacher, but other faculty, staff, parents, and students: it can serve as a vehicle to conveniently distribute phone or email lists to others, whether by email or hard copy.
  • Take each individual into account: This program can be used to create custom rosters for students to take home. A group project can kick-off to an organized and clean start with rosters catered to individual groups: contact info, task delegation, etc. can be clearly listed. Any field can be selectively omitted to maintain student privacy.
  • Take attendance easily: Try creating a template with a blank space next to each student’s name. The box can be filled in as the student responds to his/her name while attendance is being taken.
  • Have fun: Do you have a class potluck coming up? A science fair? Create a list of student names, each with a blank box. The Class Roster Template can be printed and passed around as an easy sign-up sheet for a multitude of projects and events.

The school day is never without its many tiny challenges. By using the Class Roster Template, student information can be easily updated and organized, leaving you with maximum time to engage your class.

Download: Class Roster Template

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