Attendance Sheets for Teachers

Attendance Sheets for Teachers

Teachers and educators everywhere know that students will never have the opportunity to learn and grow without attending classes on a regular basis. Keeping track of student attendance is just one of the many aspects of the learning and development process. Teachers often have so much to do and prepare for that a simple sheet for tracking attendance may elude them. Now, attendance sheets for teachers are available on this very site.

These easy-to-use sheets are instantly downloadable and completely complimentary below.

Filling Out Attendance Sheets for Teachers

Filling out these sheets to track classroom attendance is a very simple process. The information can either be typed directly into the template or the sheet can be printed off and you can handwrite it. First, you will input the classroom number for proper documentation. You will next put your name or the name of the teacher/instructor, followed by the period/time, the course being taught and the week of attendance you are tracking.

As designed, the template uses four letters to denote attendance:

  • “T” – Tardy
  • “U” – Unexcused
  • “E” – Excused
  • “P” – Present


Below the information key is the actual template. The first column is reserved for all the names of the students in the class. This section can be expanded or decreased based on the size of the class. There are five individual columns for the five days of the school week, beginning with Monday and ending on Friday.

Underneath each day are the aforementioned letters that will denote the attendance of the student. To track attendance, you will simply mark and “X” or check the box that applies to the student. For example, if a student reports late for class on a Monday, you will find the tardy box in the Monday column and mark it down. This process is repeated for every student throughout the week to ensure an accurate record is being kept.

These sheets are also completely customizable. The color scheme could be changed up to match that of your school. There is also ample space at the top of the template to add the logo or mascot of your learning institution.

Download: Attendance Sheets for Teachers

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