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Anybody who works in education will know how important it is to have accurate and comprehensive attendance records. These attendance records will be an incentive for your students to come to class if you teach third level. Additionally, for primary and secondary education, attendance records can be legally binding and important. For these reasons, educators will need a reliable and good attendance record template.

How to Use the Attendance Record Template

The attendance record template is easy to use and free to use. You can use it in your Microsoft Excel and it is fully customizable to suit the needs of whoever uses it. The attendance record template has columns for everything you need as an educator to take attendance.

At the top of the template are the following headings: room, period, teacher, course, and week of. Under this, there is a numbered column and a column for the names of your students next to it. You can type all the names of your students in here, or you can print the template, and write them in by hand.

The next five columns are for each day of the week from Monday to Friday. Within each of these columns, there are smaller columns under the following headings: present, tardy, excused, and unexcused. These are written under the initials P, T, E, and U.

Any teacher or anyone who needs to take attendance can use all of these subheadings, or none of them. That’s what is great about this attendance record template: you can customize it to suit your needs. All you need to do is enter all the relevant information relating to each of the columns for your class, either on your computer, or manually after your print the template.

Tips for Using the Attendance Record Template

  • Think ahead, and have enough copies of your completed attendance sheets, so that you won’t run out while teaching.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize the template in Excel to suit your needs. If you don’t need to record the tardiness of your students, you can easily remove that heading.


Download: Attendance Record Template

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