General Ledger

General Ledger

Looking for a better and easier way to track of all your necessary expenses? Keeping track of expenses can quickly be simplified when you use an Excel accounting template such as this general ledger template or an account ledger template. The general ledger template is a prime example of an extremely helpful Microsoft Excel accounting template. All accounting incidents can be tracked in a general ledger template.

With every business needing a general ledger to keep track of day-to-day account activity, having a ledger template to keep the ball rolling can come in handy. Small businesses, freelancers and people who work from home can also benefit from using a ledger template. We encourage you to download our free general ledger template and start keeping track of your accounts today.

Using the General Ledger Template

When it comes to accounting, staying organized is extremely important. That’s why we created this template to help you stay neat and tidy with your financial transactions. Using an Excel accounting template is especially convenient for inputting financial data. The template for Excel we created is simple and straightforward, with areas to easily enter date, description and balance information. You can input all of your financial data directly into the general ledger template or print the general ledger template and manually keep track of your financial data.

You can download the ledger template for Microsoft Excel that is spotlighted on this page for free. This Microsoft accounting template is compatible with Excel templates for Mac or Windows. In addition to the general ledger template, our website provides dozens of other accounting Excel templates to help you manage your financial transactions. Be sure to check out all of the free Excel templates and other useful Excel accounting templates in our library.


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