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Coaching football is rewarding and enjoyable. Spending time on the field training young players is one of the main things that attracts coaches to begin with. However, coaching football involves a lot planning and organization. There are many things to keep on top of and this can be difficult for some coaches. Whether coaching school football or the local youth league, maintaining a player roster is one of those necessary details. It is imperative that each coach has the player’s information to contact them when changes happen. The football roster template can assist with this matter for both experienced and inexperienced coaches.

The football roster template may be downloaded to any coach’s personal computer. It is a free resource that a coach can start using right away. Developing an accurate roster can be done quickly with this template. The customizable document is easy to use for each season. The roster can be completed by following four easy steps.

Using the Football Roster Template

  • First, the template must be downloaded and saved. The template can then be available for seasons to come.
  • Second, the team name and season must be entered into the football roster template. Then it must be saved under the team name as a reference.
  • Third, the fields may be changed to customize the document for each roster.
  • Fourth, the names of each football player and their information may be entered under each column heading..


Making the Most of the Football Roster Template

  • First, keeping a blank copy available reduces the need for coaches to create a new template each year.
  • Second, saving each team roster separately allows coaches to refer to the rosters in upcoming seasons.
  • Third, carrying a roster enables coaches to make any changes to the roster when they occur.
  • Fourth, updating the roster with new information when changes are made keeps the roster up to date.


Coaching football is exciting. Developing new players by teaching them the fundamentals of the game is both challenging and rewarding. Using the football roster template gives coaches the opportunity to enjoy the challenge instead of worrying over the roster.

Download: Football Roster Template

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