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screenshot of the commercial invoice template

An old adage suggests that all cash flow starts with an invoice. However, creating an invoice sheet to get the ball rolling can be a painstaking and rather monotonous process. That process will be completely wiped out thanks to the all-in-one Excel invoice template.

The invoice template available on this page is one of the most basic you will ever be able to find. However, it is also the easiest to use and will prove to be as effective as any other invoicing method available. There’s another pair of perks associated with using this template that business owners will adore: the template can be instantly downloaded for free.

Filling Out the Excel Invoice Template

The first step in filling out the invoice template will be to type in all the basic information required on the sheet. You can place the name of your company in the first cell. You can also delete the text “Invoice” and add your company logo in the color bar if you so desire. The basic information includes the address and phone number of your company.screenshot of the excel invoice template

Next, you will input the name and address of the person or place that ordered in the “Sold To” section. If the person or place that ordered the goods is having them shipped to a different address, you will add it to the “Shipped To” section. If the address is the same, you won’t need to add anything. The next section is dedicated for company information, such as the invoice number, invoice date, order number and shipping method.

The following step is to enter the sales tax rate in your area. Tax rates vary by region so it’s important to carefully review the information. Another benefit of the template is that it will automatically calculate the sales tax to be charged in dollars once the percentage has been added.

Once the tax has been added, it’s time to move on to the body of the invoice. Here is where you will place the quantity ordered, a brief description of the item(s), the unit price and amount. This process will be repeated until the order is complete. Once done, the subtotal and tax will be added to reveal the total in the “Pay This Amount” section.

The bottom of the template is reserved for placing information regarding further direct inquiries, as well as information for those who will be paying via check. With this Excel invoice template, you will spend more time filling orders and making money and far less time creating tedious invoice sheets.

Download: Excel Invoice Template

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