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Keeping track of the goods and products being shipped out by your business or company is critically important. Failure to properly log your shipping transactions could lead to major problems down the road. A proforma invoice template will make the process of filling out the necessary shipping paperwork fast and easy. The invoice template is instantly downloadable, totally customizable and completely complimentary.

Using the Proforma Invoice Template

The top of the invoice template is reserved for the date, the number of the invoice and for the logo and slogan of your company or business. The next section is perhaps the most important because this is where you place the information for both the shipper and the receiver. In both columns, you will input:free proforma invoice template

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Street Adress
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address


Below this section is a box where you will provide a brief description of why you are exporting goods. Next, you will describe the mode of transportation, the total number of packages that are being shipped, as well as the total gross weight of the packages.

Once all this information has been added to the template, it’s time to move on to the invoice portion. Here, you will place the identification number of the package, a brief description of the package, the amount or quantity of items, the unit price and the total. This process will be repeated for all the packages that are being shipped.

Perhaps the best feature of the invoice template is that it also serves as a functioning calculator. Once the proper numbers have been input, the template will automatically calculate a bill for the receiver. If there is an applicable tax rate in your area, simply add the percentage below the subtotal and the sales tax will be calculated and added to the order. You will also need to input the shipping and handling charges.

Finally, there is an area reserved for your signature and the date in which the order has been completed. Since the template is customizable, you have the ability to add and remove information as required by your company.

Download: Proforma Invoice

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