Basic Invoice

Basic Invoice

The basic invoice template is an Excel template that emphasizes the main points of an invoice — company information, customer information, a list of items purchased and where to send payment. This choice is great for start-up companies and for people who don’t make a ton of invoices.

The basic invoice sheet comes in the form of an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel template. The invoice sheet downloads in just seconds and is available free of charge. To begin using the basic invoice sheet, simply click on the download link located on this page.

How Will a Basic Invoice Sheet Benefit Users?

So how will you benefit from using the basic invoice template from Microsoft? Users will mostly benefit from its simplicity. The template strips down the complexity of invoices by making it easy to use. It is easy to customize it to your professional standards. Users will also like how Excel adds taxes and totals for you using this template.

Download: Basic Invoice Template

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