Proforma Income Statement

Proforma Income Statement

Projecting future income can be done in a pro forma income statement template. This template statement is a useful tool for planning future business operations.  The idea behind this income statement template for Excel allows business owners to account for a potential drop-off in profits and any areas of their business that may need to be adjusted accordingly. The information provided in this template is fundamental to operating a business smoothly. You can download this pro forma income calculator right here for free.

The statement is one of four pivotal financial statements that are crucial to operating any business. The template for income is meant for tracking business expenses including revenue earned any costs or expenses associated with the earned revenue. In a typical template, the bottom line shows a company’s net income or net losses. This is the amount the company actually earned or lost during the specified time period, usually one fiscal year. A well-designed income statement template will clearly depict net income and all other relevant fields.

The income statement template provided here has a clean and simple design. This template for income statement lists revenue, cost of sales, operating expenses and net income in clear order. Appropriate sub-categories are already provided in the income statement template. For example, revenue is broken down into gross sales less sales returns and allowances and accounts for net sales in the template for income statement. Important fields are highlighted in gray in this statement template. This template is customizable according to your business needs.

This income statement template is originally created by Jaxworks. Other income statement examples and free Excel templates are available in our vast library of Excel templates. You can download this income statement template for free or view other free income statement examples on our website.

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