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Although the economy has shown a few sparing signs of life in recent years, the economic forecast for small businesses looks a bit cloudy at this point.

The National Federation of Independent Business, a major voice for small businesses across the country, recently released a jarring set of survey results chronicling the serious woes and frustrations of small business owners. According to the aptly titled, “Small-Business Optimism Index”, business owner optimism for their company’s future finances was at an all time low — the fourth worst showing in nearly 40 years.

Whether you attribute it to a flailing political system or the unfortunate aftermath of the feared ‘Fiscal Cliff’ that hit in January of 2013, it’s clear that the necessity for business owners to keep close watch of their company’s finances has become more crucial than ever.

However, it’s safe to assume that, in such a limp economic arena, not every business owner can fork over the cash for a pricey financial adviser. In many cases, these hard-working CEO’s and entrepreneurs are taking the financial reigns into their own hands, and performing economic assessments and planning on their own terms.

And with the Pro Forma Business Template from, business owners can effectively track, outline and plan for their company’s future financial endeavors.

How to Optimize the Pro Forma Business Template for Your Business’ Financial Success

With the Pro Forma Business Template, business owners gain access to a number of financial assessment tools, including:

  • Rent and utility trackers
  • Marketing, administrative and sales assessments
  • Operating and miscellaneous expense trackers


And with the Pro Forma Business Template, business owners can insert both planned and actual expenses, detailing any variances that might occur – a crucial tool in gauging company financial success. With this kind of variance variable accessible for business owners, managers can pinpoint the kinds of extraneous or movable expenses that can be trimmed down.

While the Pro Forma Business Template can make it undoubtedly easier for business owners to assess their financial paths, thoroughness, detail and honesty are key in optimizing any pro forma business assessment.

Download: Pro Forma Business Template

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