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printable work schedule templatesIt’s a phrase no employee, let alone employer, wants to heart or utter.


In our financially strapped economy, laying off tends to be a process synonymous with many struggling businesses. As earnest, dedicated or quality as a level of work may be, if the cost to keep an employee is simply too high, many employers are typically put between a rock and a hard place when it comes to paying the bills. And more often than not, that answer lies in merciless layoffs.

According to a recent article by Businessweek, payroll accounts for some 60 to 70 percent of all company expenses, a tempting pool of cash that could be thwarted with a small staff cut.

But while layoffs may present an easy answer to a company’s financial woes, they are hardly a permanent fix. More often than not, its those seemingly tiny – but incredibly integral – employment decisions made at the beginning of a hiring wave that tend to lead businesses down a cash-strapped path.

With Printable Work Schedule Templates from, business owners can effectively predict, plan and implement economically feasible payroll plans, all from a single and simple interface.

How Printable Work Schedule Templates Can Optimize Your Payroll Planning

By mapping and planning a shift schedule, business owners can:

  • Efficiently track daily hours logged per individual employee.
  • Assess each employee’s hourly rate. This figure, paired with the employee’s total amassed weekly hours, will be an effective tool in analyzing the total cost per employee.
  • Differentiate between full day, half-day, medical leave and vacation days
  • Manage work schedules for up to 20 employees for 9 shifts

Tips for Forming an Effective, Low-Cost Employee Work Schedule

  • Make sure you’re aware of a particular’s availability long before the first day. Projected vacation days and doctors appointments should be discussed ahead of time.
  • Understand your team dynamic. Do certain individuals work well – or worse – with others? Try to optimize your scheduling efforts to add to workplace efficiency.
  • Be aware of any “worst-case scenarios”. Employees quit, or instigate actions to get them fired. Always be prepared with a back-up plan in such a case.
  • Make your Printable Work Schedule Templates visible for everyone. Consider posting the schedule in an easy-to-see location, as well as e-mailing the schedule to individual employees.


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