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No one said starting your own Fortune 500 was going to be easy.

From bad-egged employees to dismal revenue streams to unforeseeable economic downturns, finding the perfect workplace balance can be an uphill battle. And when it comes to staying organized, many business owners can fall victim to an extreme case of disorganization, with employee accountability and productivity slated to suffer quite a bit.

“Who works Friday again?”

“How many days-off has he accumulated?”

But with the Printable Work Schedule template from, business owners can both organize their daily employee work schedules, as well as provide the foundation for building a highly productive, highly effective working business model.

Optimizing the Printable Work Schedule Template for Your Workplace OrganizationPrintable Work Schedule from

With the work schedule template, business owners can:

  • Plan, track and strategize work schedules while increasing productivity. The near-blank template comes with an easy-to-configure, easy-to-manipulate spreadsheet.
  • Effectively compare work hours per employee. The far right of the spreadsheet contains a column for weekly hours clocked-in, allowing business owners to easily identify employees working drastically under the norm, or those working drastically over.
  • Assess payroll allotted, versus payroll used.

Tips for Organizing Your Most Effective Work Schedule Model

  • Take into account the kinds of hours each employee is able to work. This will be your basis for providing an even, organized work schedule. Always be sure to run by specific date and times with employees before you craft a concrete schedule — you don’t want to find yourself in the frightening position of scouring for employees to fill open shifts.
  • Ensure your employees have complete access to every individual’s work schedule. Be sure to post the schedule from two vehicles: a physical version in an easy-to-see business location, and via e-mail.
  • Post your printable work schedule far in advance. Quickest route to finding yourself saddled with a bunch of disgruntled employees? Post your weekly work schedule on a Sunday, when the workweek commences on a Monday.
Although starting your own small company can seem somewhat of a feat, laying the foundation for an organized business model is certainly attainable — with the proper organization. Keep in mind, however, that people you employ will inevitably putting “pen to paper” when it comes to implementing your projected business model, so be sure to keep your shift schedules and hours clean and concise.

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