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Keeping track of employees and their hours can be a nightmare for some businesses. Depending on the size of the operation, logging all the hours worked and making certain employees receive their proper compensation can be a never-ending headache. Printable weekly time sheets can help streamline the payroll proceedings and eliminate a significant amount of stress. Complimentary printable weekly time sheets will also give business owners one less expense to worry about.

Filling out Printable Weekly Time Sheets

The printable weekly time sheets featured on this website are ideal for any office or job environment. At the top of the printable weekly time sheets you’ll find sections dedicated for the employee’s name, the employee’s identification number, the employee’s department, the employee’s title, the employee’s status and the employee’s title.Printable Weekly Time Sheets

Once the pertinent information has been filled out, you or the employee can move on to filling out the time card. These printable weekly time sheets can be used for all seven days. There are no pre-loaded days or dates, so they will never expire.

There are designated areas for the shift’s start time and end time. There are also slots on the printable weekly time sheets for the regular hours worked, the number of overtime hours worked and the total number of hours put in. These totals will be added up and placed in the “Weekly Totals” section.

Benefits to Using Printable Weekly Time Sheets

There are a number of benefits associated with using these printable weekly time sheets. First and foremost, the time sheets are absolutely free. Additionally, creating a stack of blank printable weekly time sheets will allow employees to fill in their hours on their own and on their own time, not the company’s.  The sheets can then be turned into the payroll department and easily processed. The sheets should make the time keeping and payroll process seamless and painless.

Meanwhile, though these printable weekly time sheets come in PDF form, they can easily be converted to a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet if you so desire.

Clear up Discrepancies Using Printable Weekly Time Sheets

Issues with hours worked and payments received are inevitably an issue at any work place. Any business owner or person in a management knows that these problems cannot always be avoided, but printable weekly time sheets are one way to guard against these potential issues in the future.Printable Weekly Time Sheets

You can file away the printable weekly time sheets in case there is a discrepancy later on. Any potential confusion regarding hours worked, services rendered or payments dispersed can easily be cleared up. Because the printable weekly time sheets include a section for the date and employee and supervisor signatures, the likelihood of errors is decreased significantly.

These printable weekly time sheets come from the collection designed to help make for business owners a little easier. Visitors are encouraged to use as many printable weekly time sheets as they need to get their payroll operations on the right track.

Download: Printable Weekly Time Sheets

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