Employee Vacation Planner

Employee Vacation Planner

The free Employee Vacation Planner is the perfect tool for small business owners to get in control of their coordination and be able to plan for their employees to take a long-deserved vacation. This free template document is simple and straightforward, with the guide below you’ll quickly get all this information sorted and ready to go, year after year. If you’re ready to start organizing schedule changes, shift switches, and more, then give this free template a try today!

How to Use the Employee Vacation Planner

Start by filling in your company fiscal year start date in cell D6.

You will then choose the “attendance observation period” in cell D7. You can choose either “Today” or “The end of the fiscal year,” you can change this selection at any time you choose.

To customize your own vacation or holiday codes, go to the legend at the top of the page and change either the colors or the letter system given to whatever suits your business best.

Now, start by entering the names of your employees in the indicated sections of column C. You may then enter the date if hire and termination of both apply.

You will then enter the department in which the employee works (all departments of your business can be entered into the “Data” tab), and finally the number of hours your employees work.

From there, it’s simple matter of entering the days they work and their requested/scheduled time off in the graph to the far right of the screen. Their normal schedule will appear in this section. All you need to do is enter the vacation code in the correct days to have them applied to the graph.

Why You Should Use the Employee Vacation Planner

  • Easily customizable to fit your company structure.
  • Automatically enters normal schedule.
  • Allow you to create your own vacation system.

Download: Employee Vacation Planner

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