Fill In The Year Academic Planner

Teachers, parents and students all have the same common goal throughout the school year. On top of studying and taking notes, the next key tool to achieve passing a class is to stay organized. Regardless of which one of the three roles you hold, organization is the key to a successful school year. Having to stay on top of project due dates, school events, early dismissal days, important test days or parent teacher conferences can get overwhelming. We want to take the pressure off of trying to commit everything to memory and help you organize it in one place.

How to use the Fill In The Year Academic Planner

Between studying, creating lecture plans and all the other responsibilities that are required each day, it’s easy to make a small oversight. Easily download this planner and start to take control of every detail. Open the file using Microsoft Excel and save it in a convenient place on your computer. Now you can take advantage of the easy to use planner that will act like your own personal assistant through the year. Insert the current year and select the desired month to begin. Input your reminders and tasks into the appropriate days and save the file. This template is quick and simple to use so you can keep tabs of each and every detail along the way.

Tips for Using the Fill In The Year Academic Planner

• You have the ability to schedule your reminders anywhere from days to months in advance, take advantage of the feature so you never miss a thing!
• The option of inserting the year lets you create a new planner each year and use the previous year’s template to plan ahead based on past events.
• Easily print of each month’s calendar and put it a convenient place as a visual aid when planning out your days if your computer is not within reach.

Download: Fill In The Year Academic Planner Template

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