College Course and Credits Planner

Preparation, time management and commitment are the three key traits to ensure that your college years are successful! Stay ahead of the game and save yourself the hassle of being unprepared by taking advantage of the College Course and Credits Planner. This template acts like your own personal assistant to help you stay organized during your Fall and Spring semesters.

How to use the College Course and Credits Planner

Start by downloading the College Course and Credits Planner on this page. Open up the file in Microsoft Excel and click “Save As” in the main menu. Once saved, choose either the Fall or Spring semester portion of the workbook. You can adjust the start time and time interval on this page so the schedule matches yours.
Once you’ve updated your schedule page, you can add your college courses to the Credits tab. This will help keep track of credits and grades earned throughout the semester. The Budget tab is a great way to keep track of your expenses for the entire academic year. Simply enter the necessary dollar amounts for each section along with the various types of expenses you have. You can always see at-a-glance, where your money is going!
The Books tab is a great way to keep a list of all the books you’ve purchased for classes. Once a semester is over and you are sure it is a book you will no longer need, you can add notes on where to sell each book or if you gave it away. Don’t forget to save the work you’ve done!

Tips for Using the College Course and Credits Planner

• Save the planner with the current year in the file name so that you can keep records of each year while working towards your degree.
• Print out the Class Schedule section and pin it in an easy to see place for a quick look when needed.
• Copy the file and reuse it each year to stay organized and well planned out.
• Update the Monthly Budget section regularly as cash flow is subjected to change as more expense come about.

College is an exciting yet stressful time for each student. Trying to juggle school, jobs and a personal life can sometime accidentally overlap each other. Stay focused and on track with this all-in-one College Planner to ensure that you’re always on the right path in regards to your education, while minimizing the headaches that can result due to being unorganized.

Download: College Course and Credits Planner Template

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