Academic Year Calendar 2019/2020

Academic Year Calendar 2019/2020


The academic year consists of the dates and time you need to account for during a school year. When looking to track the dates during the year you will want to use a calendar for the academic year. One of the best ways to use an academic year calendar is to use an Excel template. By using an Excel template, you will be able to make the most out of your planning during the year. The calendar on Excel will be just as, if not even more organized then a paper calendar. It will also be quite easy to access and thus give you more convenience as a result.

Academic Year Calendar 2019/2020: Planning Lessons

One of the first parts of an academic calendar is to plan lessons. This is the process of going over what you want to teach and/or what you will learn. Using this template to plan lessons will, therefore, prepare you better and more easily for the topics that need to be gone over during the year. The Excel template will provide you with a great source to pinpoint the exact dates and type in the exact thing you will go over. This will, therefore, make you more organized when looking to go over certain lessons during the year.

Academic Year Calendar 2019/2020: Planning for Tests

The next part of the Excel template for an academic calendar is to plan for tests. With this part of the calendar, you will simply put down when you plan to administer and/or take an exam. By using this part of the calendar you will be sure to more easily keep in mind important test dates during the year. Having an Excel template will enable you to put together a calendar with the days and weeks of each month along with the test date labeled. This will, therefore, provide you with more organization when it comes to planning for tests during the academic year.


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