Wedding Guest Log

To help you plan your special day this year, the Wedding Guest Log is here to be your new best friend. This free template has everything you need to make sure all of your loved ones are sitting in their assigned spots and waiting to watch you walk down the aisle. You will walk through an organized list of wedding invitation specifics and simply enter the required information into the corresponding spots. You can keep track of invitations, responses, and “Thank You” cards with this free template. If you’re ready to start the rest of your life with the one you love, without worrying about missing guests, download this free Wedding Guest template today.

Wedding Guest Log Guide

When you’re ready to download the free Wedding Guest template to your computer, just follow the link we have provided for you at the bottom of this page.

The next step is to go down to the main table of the document, highlighted in pink. Don’t worry about the tables in purple. The information you enter into the pink table will be applied to the purples ones as well. They simply provide you with an overview of your information.

In the pink table, you will enter the names of your guests and how they relate to you or the ceremony. The first column is for titles. If your first guest is the best man, you would enter “Best Man” (as displayed in the examples).

Next, list how the guest relates to the bride or groom. This information could help with seating arrangements later on. You would then list the full name of your guest in the next column over.

If you would like to set a limit of guests for each person to bring along, you can do so in the “No. of Invitations” column.

In the last 4 columns, simply enter if you have sent the invitation, the guest’s response, and if you have sent them a “Thank You” card as well. There is also a “Vegetarian” column for food preferences too.

The data that you enter will appear in the purple tables above.

Download: Wedding Guest Log

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